Thursday, December 15, 2011

...My birthday is amazing..coz they tweeted me ^^

So today is my birthday
my fb online page flooded with wishes..thank you so much everyone
my personal fb also ^^
i dont want to tweet all idols asking them to wish me..embarrassing for me huhu
i ended up tweeted only ukyul G.IAM, hanbyul LEDApple and Hyunil

ukyul wished me, no 'yo' at the end, maybe coz he knew we were the same age 
i did know he's gonna reply coz he is so nice 
happy happy~~ 

then i tweeted Hanbyul, his mentions was flooded with leda's tweets at that time, so i put no hope
then he replied...a long one~~
i tweeted him, then i was gone for few i only noticed later hoho
it was 1-2am, i wanna scream, but i couldn't!! 
later only i spazzzed with my friend

Leader of LEDApple replied me...gahhh jumping jumping
it's been a really long time since any LEDApple members replied to me

Later, Donghae online, so yeah, i imagined that as my present also

Few mins later, Jinyoungie (i spammed tumblr bout gongchan, so my B1A4 mood that time so high), this time i screamed okey!! Gila~~
Just how luck am i to have all the ppl i want here~
he posted Baro's pic 

 B1A4 dudes~~ berbunga-bunga hati
Then come Eunhyuk with a cake..not for me, but  for 'Oppa oppa' promo..perasan for me also keke

we were also talking bout how miracle wud it be if infinite suddenly tweet..
Gyu, my bias, tweet the least among infinite members,miraculously online

my t-line so fast, and didnt even see him..this one my friend posted also i didn't see

so yeah, i'm a happy birthday girl yeah~~
all my fav groups have online...except for 2AM and UKISS
Hyunil baby hasn't come online yet..hope he will wish me too ^^


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