Thursday, December 9, 2010

...More Vids for Song Il Kook at fanmeet and KLIA, Jaybum and Hyunjoong at KLIA (3rd December 2010)...

 During fansign (2nd part)

He's asking us how to go back home since it's almost midnight
Goin to check-in gate
After Checked-in
he's cute...surprised to see all of us (again) from above
HyunJoong during arrival
uh,I almost got hit by a car, da*n bodyguards and fans who pushed me
Jaybum during arrival
Jaybum goin to alphard
 the best part :the guard helped me to get Jay's pic from inside the alphard

Thursday, December 2, 2010

...Vids from Song Il Kook Fanmeet in Malaysia...

already shared my fanacct with him
this time, vids and more pics

Before press conference started

this vid, i converted first
but it turned out badly
so will try to upload later on YT without converting
and ders another 2 vids...1 when i hugged him
maybe will upload too

again, he is very nice
he took care of his fans
not just gave autograph, but talked to us nicely
and still put that smiling face eventhou he signed for more than an hour non stop

hey you, do i look handsome like this?

...Song Il Kook Fanmeet in Malaysia...

im glad i went to Song Il Kook fanmeet
his manager is very can hug and do whatever you want with Il Sook oppa

not many ppl heard bout this fanmeet
but it was for free
so i decided to try to be the first 100 lucky fans
and got it

so today, 2.30pm kuar dr umah
arrived at Hotel Nikko around 2.45pm
3pm Song Il Kook arrived
gah, he's so good looking, nice body, tall and perm hair ^^
lookin good just like in his movie 'Art of Seduction'
he did seduce us

and then the press started...till 3.30pm
guess what?
he was blushing when asked bout his marriage life
and when he paused for a minute or few to think of an answer,
don noe why, but his gestures super cute

then blah blah blah
press conference ended
time for us to go for skinship

since the management and manager sgt nice
lepak kat table die je until my turn to get his autograph

here are some pics for whoever read this blog

 and the my turn
handshake with him while taking pic
my birthday wish even thou lg 2 weeks
but i was so nervous i said next month
his voice la, sgt sedap
then minta his permission to hug
and then we hugged
i even put my head on his shoulder

then finished my turn
continue lepakin in front of the table
more vids and more pics

took photogroup with everyone
i stood next to him
but my fren L might think i pushed her aside
but no, i was walking with him down the stair together
i even hold his jacket (oopsie)
so basically i was next to him right?
so sorry L

what a nice day~


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