Tuesday, April 27, 2010

R-16 Malaysia Audition

....R-16 Audition B-boy Competiton...
...R stand for respest...
...organized by Korea Tourism Organization...
Tujuannye: nk support B-boy, promote the Visit Korea Year 2010- 2012 and of coz promote Hallyu Wave~

Malaysia Audition tlh diadakan Sabtu lps (24 April) kat LG Concourse Area, Times Square
...13/15 (not sure, keke) teams bersaing...
then dijadikn Top 8 and Top 4 before Top 2 teams dipilh tuk mewakili Malaysia ke SouthEast Asia
dorg akn compete ngan 6 top crews from Vietnam, Singapore and Thailand 
winner plak akn qualify ke R16 B-boy World Championship in Seoul, South Korea

SouthEast Asia Final: 15 May 2010 (7.00pm to 11.00pm)
Venue: KL Live, Jalan Sultan Ismail
Entrance: By ticket invitation

nme2 crews xsume ak ingat, hahaha...
antaranye (yg ak mmg ingat n pas dengar dr video yg dirakam)
Famous Crew (plg ak ingat), Wakaka Fever, High Soul Junior, Project Elements, Borneo Soulbreakerz, Free Circle, Soul High Female, The Borneo Crew and Fresh Beat Rockers and Free Circle

Judges die from Thailand, Taiwan and USA (black cap, he's Hot,hahaha~)

ak dtg lambat siket...
lam 1.45pm
berdiri atas kusi tanpa segan silu
maka video pn baek pnye (better dr xde,haha)

this 1 grup keep b-boying in front of me, so ak pn tgkp la pics dorg
(rsenye nih Project Elements Boys)
this one grup girl...ak xrakam vid coz kurg menareq but still, kire bgs gak la dorg nih

since byk video, n ak mls nk photosnap, maka ak mskkn je la pics yg mmg ak snap

...after 10mins break, 'Battle Dance' btwn Top 8...
1st round, Famous Crew vs PEB
Famous Crew mng

2nd round Wakaka Fever vs Borneo Soulbreakerz
Wakaka Fever mng
time battle, bole plak ade mamat 'itam' mne ntah tetibe msk,n kaco, then die kne sepak n pijak, haha...

3rd round, ak xingat nme dorg coz cam bese2 je but yg bju merah tuh mng

4th round pn ak xngat,haha

sbb ak xingat? sbb ak suke Wakaka n Famous Crew...
and for final, they battle with each other...
spe menang, ak xtaw sbb ak blk awl...
coz pnat sgt,keke~

mse break, dorg wat performance and battle sesame sndrik
2nd break, Judges plak b-boying...
video ade tp since ak tgk xde yg upload,
maka ak pn tpkr, adekah dilarang upload sehingga die kua kt tv?
maka ak pn xjd la upload

makanye tpksela tgk kt 8TV...ble kua ak pn xtaw ;p
ok, jgn mare
klu ak taw, t ak update~


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kibum’s letters to fellow SuJu Members -My tOP 7-

 me only posted ape yg die ckp kat my Fav 6...erk, now it's Fav 7 (including Sungminnie~)
old letter

To Leeteuk:
Eeteuk hyung is like a brother and a father. I have always tried to be a child that he doesn’t have to worry about, even though I know that he feels helpless that I don’t always fit in, but he has always supported me. Sometimes I will even tease that him sacrificing his idol image to be funny is useless, but he knows that I still care a lot for him, and don’t want him to be so tired. And then one day he faced the camera and said while smiling, actually Kibum is the one child I have always worried about, not caring about how many tears he has shed but still shouting my name. He’s even willing to once again sacrifice for my sake. [TN: I’m not sure if he’s referring to himself or what Eeteuk said] Eeteuk hyung, Kibum loves you, and so I will always walk with you to the end.

...yobo, chagiya, you are the most passionate and caring namja~
...i love you more than anything...
...and i was so hurt to see what 'Sones' did to you...
...they attacked u first but u told us ELFs to behave?...
...pls be angry oppa, don't hold it back anymore~...
To Eunhyuk:
Eunhyuk hyung, hey, Lee Hyukjae! Are you crying again? You’re so silly, a crybaby. Yeah, if you weren’t silly, why would you give up so many chances just to be with your good friends? If you weren’t silly, then why would you slip out to meet with his fans to cheer him on without him knowing when he debuted before you? If you weren’t silly, then you wouldn’t have pretended to be cool and fine but secretly cried for a month. Silly people have their happiness. In SJ, you are the main dancer. This position, no one can take from you. Oh, right, you can also write songs and lyrics. We really can’t see from your appearance that you also have a passionate side. Hey, Lee Hyukjae, like before, divide your raps half and half with me, we can do it together. You have to wait for me. And guys really lose a lot of face when they cry, okay? Also, don’t lie to me. I have had enough of your “image control”. Remember, you have to wait for me.

...Hyukie-baby, i owez noe u are a cry-baby...u laughed so hard, and cried so hard too....
...wish i cud give u a shoulder to lean on~...
To Hangeng:
Hankyung hyung, I feel like we are very similar. For a dream, you traveled far from your home, while I for my dream, returned to my home. But we were both far from our families, had no friends, and had to start over. It was a lot like returning to those three years when I first arrived in America, I didn’t have friends and I couldn’t communicate. Those days were hard to endure. Hankyung hyung would smile a warm smile every time, and his strength made me ashamed of myself. Hankyung hyung, those days being in the middle [not fitting in] were hard, right? Charging forward and retreating were both difficult. I think I understand you, and I think you understand me as well. We are both two children who wander for our dreams. Hankyung hyung, even with everything going on now, can we still walk together? I think we will never give up.

...Hankyung, i miss you...
...if u leave the grup, as much as sad i wud be, i'd smile for u...
...but heenim akn nanges, and all ELFs akn nanges too, cud u bear to see it?...
To Sungmin:
Sungmin hyung, the one in charge of cuteness in SJ. Hehe, aren’t our laughs similar? Fans describe us similarly. You’re a cute rabbit, but have they ever seen you practicing martial arts? Actually, you’re a tough man. Stubborn, and aren’t willing to shed a single tear. When we won the big award at the end of the year, when we were standing at our highest, you watched us all in a crowd, crying, and comforted each one of us, smiling, and refusing to cry. Offstage, you had your head bowed, and i knew you were crying for everything we’ve gone through in the past. Sungmin hyung, you said that you have 6 hyungs, and 6 dongsaengs, so you have to be strong and couldn’t cry. Sungmin hyung is the most overall perfect person, because of you, I feel like I don’t have to worry about anything.

...yup, i ingat dis one...sungminnie didn't cry...he held it well and cried only when he was alone~...
...u don't need too be tough Min2...
To Donghae:
Donghae, my Lee Donghae. I won’t call you hyung, because I feel like I’m the hyung, a hyung that should protect you. My Lee Donghae has a pair of unforgettable eyes, your smile is so pure and innocent, causing my ice cold heart to melt in an instant. I still remember when I first came to Korea, a completely foreign environment. It was you who was the first to hold out your hand, it was you who hugged the really scared me. Let’s be brothers forever, okay? Lee Donghae is Kim Kibum’s best friend, I’ll be your hyung okay? When your father died the impact it had on you I can never forget, but I couldn’t spend too much time comforting you, because I have to stick to my work. I can’t let other people look down on us right? Lee Donghae is the kindest person, Teuk hyung said that us two were the two children he trusted the most. When you’re in China, don’t be homesick. Follow Geng hyung, I believe you can do it.

...Donghae, u are a baby...Teukie said so...u are soft and charming...
...i noe u missed ur dad...and u want to be a dad ASAP...
...i wish ianye akn termakbul...
...Donghae-appa, can i call u dat from now?...
To Siwon:
Siwon hyung, I finally got to you. Choi Siwon, are you really an angel? Or did the environment you grew up in not allow you to see evil in the world? You know, you gave me a lot of pressure. While I looked at you I often felt ashamed of myself. I still remember you hanging around the me hiding in the corner, wanting to be my friend. At that time, your face was so sincere, I felt that this world really did have angels. At that time you saved me? Me, a person who came from such a different background and environment, was able to become your friend. Maybe when I’m tired I should do as Kangin hyung suggested, whine and act cute and say I’m tired, and not stick it out all alone. I think Siwon hyung, you would help me right? It’s been decided, I want to rely on you, because your shoulders are the most reliable. Don’t let go, okay?

...Wonnie, u grew up so well...
...thank you for nvr leaving Kibum alone...
...thank you for being the well-behaved dongsaeng to Teukie-oppa...
To Kyuhyun:
Kyuhyun Cho Kyuhyun I feel that you are the one that causes the hyungs to have the most headaches. A stubborn evil child. Armed with your magnae status, who knows how many times you have picked on the hyungs. But every time I see your smile after your evil plan has been achieved, I’m not angry at all. Because you have finally shown who you really are. As the last member to join SJ, you had a lot of hard times at the beginning, do you still remember? When fans gave you your first present, you had disbelief all over your face. When you sang on stage, you made everyone proud. It was almost like you were born to be in SJ. After that hellish training, you have finally grown up. When you get back to the dorms you purposely ignore your hyungs, and go directly to bed. You really are an evil child. When you dragged your still healing body to give the 2jib a complete stage, I was really worried. Today, you are standing on the stage calling for me, just as we called for you. Because of this, hyung will be back soon. You GameKyu, just wait for my PK with you. Watch me beat you!
...Kyuhyun-baby, wut to say...
...u acted tough, but u ain't tough...
...u still a baby, and owez a baby in SJ family ^^...
Source: SJ Baidu Bar
Translations: iheartviolinboy@thirdchapter

p/s:some said dis was not really written by Kibum...but whatever~

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Continue: Battle btween Dream Team's Ace(s)

Those yg dlu tgk YT video time Minho fall, mst da agk Minho akn tarik diri....
yup, mmg die tarik diri...



xcedyh pn coz ak mmg nk Hyukie mng,haha
1st part <---spe yg tlps tgk

Next game 'Speed Pull Up'
two ppl start at same time, d one with more pull up win and advance to semifinal

Semi: Junho vs Sangin | Sangchu vs Seokwon
Final: Junho (winner) vs Seokwon

Move on to 'Flying Touch Man'
run to the post, make turn and hit the ball to win (2/3)



Danny was so good, with tactics
Semi: Brian vs Danny | Seokwon vs Hyukie
Final: Brian (winner) vs Hyukie
damn u Brian,lol

Next, 'Jump'
use springboard to jump up and land on the landing pad...

1.3m- out: Brian
1.7m- out: Danny, Hyukie
1.95- out: Junho, winner Sangchu (of coz la)

Last game 'Run Devil Run' , hahaha
run and grab flag, last man standing win

p/s:hyukie even time baring pn still cute ^.^ and muke Brian tuh coz die yg laz,huhu

Final: Hyukie vs Sangchu (winner)
damn you Sangchu, hahaha

so, the True Ace title belongs to Sangchu
Hyukie in 3rd place (he's still my man)
time nk bg hadiah, EunKrys meet Krystal

miane, entri kali nih kurg pics n ayat...sbb ak dok poning nk wat next entri, 'R16 Audition'
ble plak nk bole siapkn next entri nih, tunggu je la...


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