Thursday, December 9, 2010

...More Vids for Song Il Kook at fanmeet and KLIA, Jaybum and Hyunjoong at KLIA (3rd December 2010)...

 During fansign (2nd part)

He's asking us how to go back home since it's almost midnight
Goin to check-in gate
After Checked-in
he's cute...surprised to see all of us (again) from above
HyunJoong during arrival
uh,I almost got hit by a car, da*n bodyguards and fans who pushed me
Jaybum during arrival
Jaybum goin to alphard
 the best part :the guard helped me to get Jay's pic from inside the alphard

Thursday, December 2, 2010

...Vids from Song Il Kook Fanmeet in Malaysia...

already shared my fanacct with him
this time, vids and more pics

Before press conference started

this vid, i converted first
but it turned out badly
so will try to upload later on YT without converting
and ders another 2 vids...1 when i hugged him
maybe will upload too

again, he is very nice
he took care of his fans
not just gave autograph, but talked to us nicely
and still put that smiling face eventhou he signed for more than an hour non stop

hey you, do i look handsome like this?

...Song Il Kook Fanmeet in Malaysia...

im glad i went to Song Il Kook fanmeet
his manager is very can hug and do whatever you want with Il Sook oppa

not many ppl heard bout this fanmeet
but it was for free
so i decided to try to be the first 100 lucky fans
and got it

so today, 2.30pm kuar dr umah
arrived at Hotel Nikko around 2.45pm
3pm Song Il Kook arrived
gah, he's so good looking, nice body, tall and perm hair ^^
lookin good just like in his movie 'Art of Seduction'
he did seduce us

and then the press started...till 3.30pm
guess what?
he was blushing when asked bout his marriage life
and when he paused for a minute or few to think of an answer,
don noe why, but his gestures super cute

then blah blah blah
press conference ended
time for us to go for skinship

since the management and manager sgt nice
lepak kat table die je until my turn to get his autograph

here are some pics for whoever read this blog

 and the my turn
handshake with him while taking pic
my birthday wish even thou lg 2 weeks
but i was so nervous i said next month
his voice la, sgt sedap
then minta his permission to hug
and then we hugged
i even put my head on his shoulder

then finished my turn
continue lepakin in front of the table
more vids and more pics

took photogroup with everyone
i stood next to him
but my fren L might think i pushed her aside
but no, i was walking with him down the stair together
i even hold his jacket (oopsie)
so basically i was next to him right?
so sorry L

what a nice day~

Sunday, November 28, 2010

...2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards' Results...

2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards
results are out
happy with it? or not?

i don't like it
it's too biased
should be JYG awards
i love Miss A and i like 2PM, but still
i admitted i was hopin for SM artists to win coz most of them are Hallyu stars
and MAMA is Asian Awards plak
deep in heart, even lau mng pn,xkn mng menang byk coz of the conflicts with Mnet
but seriously, they were not even nominated for some awards (even they got the highest vote for it)
talked about fair huh?
dont say it if u dont mean it
those who miz it,
here are the winners

Artist of the Year

Album of the Year
2NE1 – To Anyone

Song of the Year
miss A – “Bad Girl Good Girl”

Female Rookie Award
miss A
Best Dance Performance – Male Group
2PM – “I’ll Be Back”

Best Digital Single
Park Bom – “You and I”

Female Group Award

Male Singer Award

Best Rap Performance
DJ Doc – “I’m This Kind of Person”

Best Vocal Performance – Solo
Gummy – “Because You’re A Man”

Male Group Award

Best Dance Performance – Solo
Rain – “Love Song”

Best Band Performance 
Hot Potato – “Confession”

Best Dance Performance – Female Group
miss A – “Bad Girl Good Girl”

The Shilla Duty Free Asian Wave Award

Best Music Video
2NE1 – “Can’t Nobody”

Female Singer Award


Kwon and Gain

Thursday, November 25, 2010

...I Do Care...

...i do care...
...tot i didn't...
...but i did...

bout what?
i care too much bout my skin and teeth

...ppl owez said 'ur skin xde mslh, putih gile, xde jerawat and blah blah blah'...
...but no, i do have prob ---> oily skin...
...but now, everytime pas mkn something goreng2, few hours after, i wont forget to wash my skin...
...even with just water...
...i dont really use cleanser yg ade kt market...
...but my mum belikn whole set of bio-essence for me...
...and even after 2 months, still x abih2 :)...
...i only use bile ade tanda2 blackpore or jerawat nk kua... lazy huh...
...but my skin still ok compared to those yg gne biore,nivea and etc... adekah chemicals lam cleanser2 tuh sume yg menyebabkn jerawat?... im tryin my best to finish moisturizer and clarifying softener...
...1 thing i like bout my teeth is tersusun...
...but guess what... mum said, dlu kecik my two front lower teeth berlapis...
...and luckily my mum brought me to dentist...
...argghhh, if not, mst i have no confidence to talk or laugh at all... thank you mama...
...and funny, when i was a kid, i wanna be a dentist...
...i love the smell of dental care, but i hate seeing a dentist...

i guess bile da makin dewasa nih, bnde2 nih perlu dititikberatkn
im a woman after all ^^

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


24 Nov 2010

im gettin older day by day
but without regrets
im having so much fun
youth never dies

enjoy your youth
coz only then one can be effective in life  

yeah, family is important
but when you are older, u have the right to do want u want
no one can stop u
do it, if u believe u can do it
seek advice from friends and family if it involves something big
do it, or u might regrets your life

and im goin to singapore
for a concert
yeah, youth never dies
still have 7 more years
gotta do what i gotta do

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


...4 more days...

...500 juz for tix only, fuhh tutup sblh mate hulur duet... 
...seb bek stage bpk beso... Teukie, pls fly to me...
...Teukie Teukie.....Hyukie Hyukie...
...and seb bek Peksee chingu tulun belikn tix...
...if i wait for online sale, for sure seat cam hampeh and worst, tix already sold out...
...but of coz Sistic ade save some tix for online sale but don wanna take that risk..

...and Hyukie, dont u dare to go to army cepat2...
...i need to see u first kat Sukira with Hae (cam kompem je Hae ganti Teukie, ahaks~)...
...nk jmpe Teukie mmg xsempat...

...anyway, bwu je cilok vids variety...
...bertambah2 la koleksi varietyku...
...from SME to CUBE to JYPE to YG to FNC...
...variety Ss501 plg penting coz i love them but i have nothing of them...

now tgh mendownload Marry Me Mary (aka Mary Stayed Out All Night)

Kim Jae Wook, Jang Geun Suk ngan Moon Geun Young lam 1 drama
peh, of coz mabeles
JGS as rocker, gahhhh hot!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

...Mari Kenal Kucing...

kuceng kuceng
in English Cat

9 kuceng sude
but skang xjaga cant afford to lose them again or worst, die
kuceng ade 9 nyawa, and 9 kuceng all gone so now i don hav anymore nyawa

will get a cat..soon....
coz i miss havin a lil bro
silly, but my kuceng is not my pet but my family

now, in case sesape still don noe these super popular cats' names ^^
 meet Bakira

 and Leo
and  Leon
and cutie Tigger
Sume milik Xiah Junsu

and Jiji
nih Jaejoong punye

lets move on to our beloved Heebum and Bangshin
trending topic in Twitter for several times ;p
 I Love Bangshin
Si Heebum yg Tough
 Heenim is so powerful, kuceng pn same
now, which is your favourite? 

...BEAST now with Lights Go On Again....

gah, i forgot my password
haha, sude lme tinggalkn blogger smpi lupe

latest craving for November -----> BEAST
so genius decided to separate the full abum into two
now, im pokai but still kne beli album ^^

i noe them right when they debuted
bumped into shu-i and Beast
i juz remembered, i was all over AJ and Junhyung (i think...seriously shockin for me, haha)
now after da knal im so in love with Hyunseung
but seriously, love all of them

First Mastermind
and dude, I love all the songs
especially the Ballad, 'Clenching My Fist', menusuk to my heart
Mastermind and Soom (click to listen) took my breath away
VIU, rse cam dorg nyanyi for us B2UTIES
Break Down is 'No, our love is not over'

Now, Lights Go On Again
more ballad and acoustic feelin
lil different but damn, so nice
BEAST influence' to me now is as strong as SuJu
duet kuar without thinkin

MV teaser for Lights Go On Again

and Audio Teaser for Beautiful

and all B2UTIES are lookin forward for 'I Like You The Best'
'Lightless' is said to be as cool as Breath
and lastly 'I'm Sorry', a cool ballad for sure

then come December, 1st ever Concert

lets wait for the airline to fly to Malaysia

Friday, October 29, 2010

...Belum lg...

...juz realized ak blum daftar as pengundi...
...used to be interested with our politic...
...but now....anythin related to politic da lme xbce...
...years before, keinginan tuk mengundi tuh kuat...
...but now, politic tuh cam hamp-eh...
...wait, i do have suare kebebasan right?...
...don like PKR and Pas coz eveythin juz sweet talk and omongan kosong and sje cri publisiti...
...BN and UMNO after Bajet 2011, menara wawasan 5B?? hmmm....

...ak akn g mendaftar... malaysian...
...but tulunlah...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

...Mnet Asian Music Award (Mama) 2010...

2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards 
28 Nov in Macau

thou Mnet and SME have their own conflicts before, 
SME' artists are also listed

(but poor U-KISS, Xander once tweeted they heard U-KISS nominated as nominee but dunno wut happen, U-KISS isn't there)

here are the nominees 
and my own Mama's winner prediction^^
tryin to put away my bias

Singer of the Year
Song of the Year
Album of the Year
Daesang Award
hopefully it's SuJu again

Male Group Award
Super Junior
my: SuJu or BEAST or 2PM
Female Group Award
my: uh uh, so hard 2NE1

Male Singer Award

my: Rain

Female Singer Award
Seo In Young
Son Dambi
Lee Hyori
my: BoA

Male Rookie Award

Teen Top
Seo In Guk
Female Rookie Award
miss A
Nine Muses
my: Miss A

Best Music Video Picture
2NE1 – “Can’t Nobody”
Epik High – “Run”
UV – “Sorry I Can’t Be Cool”
Ga-In – “Can’t Turn Back”
Taeyang – “I’ll Be There”
my: 2NE1 or Gain

Best Dance Performance – Solo
Narsha – “Bbiri Bbabba”
Rain – “The Song That’ll Hold YOu Back”
Lee Hyori – “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”
Taeyang – “I’ll be There”
Hyuna – “Change”
my: Rain
Best Dance Performance – Male Group
2PM – “I’ll Be Back”
SHINee – “Lucifer”
Super Junior – “Bonamana”
my: dis is freakin hard, i ended up choosin my bias', SuJu or BEAST
Best Dance Performance – Female Group
2NE1 – “Can’t Nobody”
4minute – “HUH!”
miss A – “Bad Girl GOod Girl”
Secret – “Magic”
T-ara – “Bo Peep Bo Peep”
my: 2NE1 or Miss A

Best Vocal Performance – Solo
K. Will – “Miss Miss Miss”
Gummy – “Because You’re A Man”
Seo In Young – “You Write It As Love and Call It Pain”
Jung In – “Hate”
Wheesung – “I Thought of Marriage”
my: Wheesung or Gummy

Best Vocal Performance – Group
2AM – “Can’t Send You Even if I Die”
4men – “Can’t”
8Eight – “Break Up Is Coming”
Vibe – “Come Back”
Davichi – “Time Please Stop”
my: 2AM

Best Band Performance
CNBlue – “Love”
FT Island – “Love Love Love”
Hot POtato – “Confession”
Boohwal – “Love Is”
TransFixion – “Shouts of Reds”
my: FT Island or CNBLUE

Best Rap Performance
DJ Doc – “I’m This Kind of Person”
Epik HIgh – “Run”
Outsider – “Acquaintance”
UV – “Sorry I’m Not Cool”
Supreme Team – “Dang Dang Dang”
my: DJ Doc or Supreme Team

Best Collaboration
Homme – “Eating Well”
Ga-In/Jo Kwon – “We Fell In Love”
Seo Young Eun/Jung Yeob – “This Pitiful Word”
IU/Seulong – “Nagging”
Sung Shi Kyung/IU – “It’s You”
my: Homme or Gain-Kwon

Best Digital Single
MC Mong – “Hurt to Death”
Monday Kiz – “Spread Away”
Park Bom – “You and I”
Supreme Team – “Then Then THen”
Jung Yeob – “Without YOu”
my: Supreme Team

The Shilla Duty Free Asian Wave Award
my: ehem, shud i choose 2PM

in the end everyone is still a winner

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

...Kpop and No Regrets...


....ak declare 2010 as taun ak gile kpop...
...taun2 laen bole diselamatkn lg...
...but dis year, Kpop really stole all my money...
...purse jd so nipis...
...but my heart full of idols...

eunje chakamanyo nuguya
hyung oppa dongsaeng
shiro micheo kurom maja
jeongmal chincha araso
odigayo koja chogi
simple korean dat i believe sume fans tau

most importantly 사랑해 or 사랑해요 
 simple words in Hangul dat fans can recognized

thou im pretty sure some ppl still dont know ^^

...npe suke kpop?...
...pretty faces...
...and most importantly their personality...
...variety shows, thou some are scripted...
...but u can still watch their true-selves...

...and thru kpop... frens from all ages...
...from dongsaeng to unnie to ahjumma...
...even from hyung ( i don't want to call them oppa, hahaha)...
...and not juz 1Malaysia, also from Singapore, Philippine, Indonesia, Korean, Japan...

...if only our menteri2 and big companies in Malaysia realize this huge phenomenal...
...if u want more money, more tourists and let the world know about Malaysia...
...u guys should take this opportunity...
...and bring more Kpop to Malaysia...
...ppl from Southeast Asia definitely come to Malaysia...
...Japanese, Korean, Singaporean, Indonesian, Pinoy...
...they all did come during the previous Kpop Events...
.(and yes, dis is because i want more idols to come ^^)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

...Update Update...

...kne update...
...kne tukar pics lam blog nih...
...beast,mblaq n ukiss sume da tukar imej...
...vid, shud change to Eunhae 'i wanna love you'...

...and now kne mskkn my Taejun too...
...and i need to write another declaration... i love 2AM more than 2PM...
...i love FT more than CNBLUE...
...i love Hyunseung more than Kikwang... bias sume da tukar...
...but i still love Teukie more than anyone...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

...Jaypark in Malaysia?...

...duet elaun ku bertambah...
...i love u mama...
...oct, nov, dec, jan...
...4months of elaun bermakna ss3 singapore n perbelanjaan laen bjaye dicover sepenuhnye~...

...Jaypark aka Jaybeom...
...ak pilih not to go to Jay's fanmeeting...
...but as usual, akn ku pastikn muka ku dilihat oleh Jaypark...
...he can speak english, so stalkin is a MUST...
...american is very generous with skinship ^^...

tp who knows, laz minit ak tetibe g fanmeet ke
actually mmg tingin nk g tp
biarlah rahsia

p.s: ak xsuke fans yg terlalu obsessed smpi kutuk d other party
Jaywalkers Coldests Hottests

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

...JYJ and My Lucky Day...

JYJ The Beginning Showcase in Malaysia (17Oct 2010)

...i was there (lucky me)...
...seriously so lucky...
...i was supposed to be kat Kg that day...
...but managed to escape and run (hyperbola je nih :D) b4 subuh...
...plan nk g airport but so damn tired, i chose to sleep...
...tgk twitter, some said JYJ wen thru VIP....
...hp berbunyi (ngan lagu A-yo shinee)...
...'no, dorg xkua ikut VIP, normal, i dpt pgg tgn Micky'...
...twus msg S yg already at stadium...
...sje nk bg die ngan M jeles sbb dorg suke Micky... continue my day as usual...
...texting like crazy, wut time to meet up at otel and etc...
...then suddenly dis fren of mine asked...
...'Luv (dats my on9 name ;p), u wanna go to JYJ? tix RM200 but u juz need to pay RM60'...
...i screamed...yup...jerit bebeyh, thou im not really a cassie but nih JYJ...
...12.30pm confirmed my tix...mandi, capai bju merah (seb bek ade)...
...12.50pm my bro smpi umah (wut a perfect timing)...
....die anta g lrt, arrived at stadium around 1.30pm...
...jumpe Mm, J at monorel...
...time ngah beratur nk msk, jmpe K (beratus kot org kat ctu, but she found me)...
...but beratur kat tmpt slh, me and this indon chingu (i bought my tix from her)...
...smpi tmpt btul, xyh beratur lgsg (lucky again huh)...
...yg lmbt msk siap kne ujan lg (yg beli area 100)...

...then 3pm somethin...
...showcase stat, supposedly kul 2 but hmmmm... so damn loud (of coz la suke, but somehow agk sedikit hmmmmm)... vids, no pics... eyes focused tgk dorg perform... gile2 but xsemput...
...mmg daebak!...

blah blah blah blah

...malam menjelma...
...8.40pm g airport...
...9pm somethin smpi...
...10pm fans da lari2 lam airport...
...they have arrived...
...fuh, seb bek xg mkn dlu...
...if not, for sure akn terlepas...

...JYJ depan mate...
...pretty and handsome...
...sweet smile...
...gugur jantung...

ain't i lucky?
so many cassies in Malaysia, but i was 1 of hundreds at the airport managed to see them
~My Lucky Day~

Monday, October 18, 2010

...[DVD] Super Junior-The 2nd Asia Tour-Super Show 2 ...

Super Show 2 DVD coming soon~
sesape nk minta tulun for pre-order, let me know~
but better be hurry~
b4 27 Oct

[DVD] Super Junior-The 2nd Asia Tour-Super Show 2 (Out Case/Slim Digipack)
Special Color Photobook
Concert Making Film

Concert Date : 2009.07 (in Seoul)
Disc 1 [Superjunior The 2nd Asia Tour "Super Show 2"]
Super Junior and charismatic live performances!

Disc 2 [Superjunior The 2nd Asia Tour "Super Show 2"]
Making a concert film, a concert rehearsal, dressing room, including members of the personal interview

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

...Maher Zain...

...Maher Zain...
...he's a good singer...
...first time dgr sore die, ders somethin...
...and bile tgk MV, tears running down my cheeks...
...yup, kite pn ade grup nasyid, but maybe sbb lgu2 die dlm arab and music die sgt menyenangkan, rse cam close sgt...
...macam Raihan, that kind of music, slow yet very peaceful...
...i'm glad he's promoting his songs worldwide...
...i have no prejudice against other religions...
...they have my respect coz although we are different, we all still believe in ALLAH and GOD...

Insha Allah

The Chosen One

In a time of darkness and greed
It is your light that we need
You came to teach us how to live
Muhammad, ya Rasoola Allah

You were so caring and kind
Your soul was full of light
You are the best of mankind
Muhammad, khairu khalqi Allah

Sallou 'ala Rasooli Allah
Habibil Mustafa
Peace be upon the Messenger
The Chosen One

From luxury you turned away
And all night you would pray
Truthful in every word you say
Muhammad, ya Rasoola Allah

Your face was brighter than the sun
Your beauty equalled by none
You are Allah's Chosen One
Muhammad, khayru khalqi Allah

I'll try to follow your way
And do my best to live my life
As you taught me
I pray to be close to you
On that day, and see you smile
When you see me

(cr: awakeningrecords

...away...running away...

...kata2 boleh menyakitkan...
...lg sakit lau kite bace ngan nada salah...
...walaupun sebenarnye si dia xbermaksud apa-apa...
...hasilnye, i hate everyone...
...nak menyorok di tempat yg org xle jumpe... impossible...
...the only solution is don't talk to anyone...
...avoid mesej, avoid facebook and any human contact...
...da berpikir sejak beberapa lepas...
...acting like ders nothin wrong... da sampai masenye...
...bubye for now...

...but i can't avoid twitter...
...i'm not really smiling here... don't laugh...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


ders so many ppl from Europe and USA visited this blog lookin for KARA
u guys like KARA huh?
okay, let me give a lil update bout them

Rumor: KARA’s comeback in Korea (supposedly SEPTEMBER, but now delayed to October due to Seungyeon's fractured tailbone, but lets wait for DSP entertainment to confirm bout it)

KARA debuted in Japan last August with Mister and will release their second single ‘Jumping’ in Japan on 10 November.
Audio preview during their radio interview (cr: KamiliaTV2)

my fav Goo Hara and Nicole lookin smoking hot

(cr: withkara twitter)

Nicole celebrated her birthday on 7th October and lovely members and staffs thrown a party for her while shooting for MV

pic from Nicole's twitter

in case u don't know, they have their own online shopping mall

Monday, October 11, 2010 i sick?...

i think ders somethin wrong wif my body
but im too afraid to do medical check-up
cemane tuh?
tp hopefully xde pape
1st: time ngah urut badan, 'bibik' urut kat area buah pinggang (or pankreas), and it hurt so much
2nd: kekdg time tdo, ders like some shock (mcm badan terkejut ble org cucuk kite kat pinggang)
3rd: dada cam sakit tetibe

but bnde2 nih xde la slalu blaku...
once in a while
i kept tellin myself 'sbb im too tired'
yeah, im juz too tired and didn't drink enof water

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

...Npe xle lupe?...

org slalu ckp 1st love mmg girl xle lupekn...
thou some ppl might not approved my 1st love coz it was way back during middle school
but until now, i still remember every aspect of him...
and sesape yg penah je my bestfriend taw the reason why i love man with fair skin and glasses
sume sbb die

since laz year, lau mimpi yg ade laki, mst ade die
mimpi tuh plak mst slalu ak pilih die i too desperate to get a boyfriend?
but i love my life right now

Thursday, September 30, 2010


guess i shud update more about kpop
coz lots of ppl visited my blog lookin for kpop

KARA and IDOLS TWITTER most visited
KARA is now hallyu wave too

albums, showcase, fanmeet, concert
im totally broke

and next year,
Super Show 3 Malaysia and Singapore
and Suju's 5th album
and many more im sure


big day gettin closer
but it's not mine

high self-esteem/pride/confident usually make ppl look damn awesome
but if look closely,
those ppl usually are the one full of insecurity
so if u have any friend with those characteristics,
be careful
in the future,their words might hurt us
try to hold it coz friendship is way too important and precious
but when u reach your limit, talk heart to heart with juz the 2 of u

Thursday, September 16, 2010

KPOP IDOLS TWITTER (Updated 7 Feb 2011)

....short entree....
....bout twitter.....
....idols from korea....
some actors (others, u gotta find urself, sorry)
....real account...
click name (direct link)

all suju links on my right side of the blog

[After School]

Jun Hyung 




all members use this account


* DongLim
* Jeesu

Min Kyung
Hae Ri

Chang Ryul

[Epik High]

[Fly tO thE sKY]

[FT Island]

Hee Young

* Hyeri
* Yura


* Baby J
* Se Mi




* Hyun
* Chan

Solo Singer


Seo In Gook (Korean Idol winner) 
* Son Dambi
* Wheesung


Yoon Eun Hye
No Min Woo (former TRAX)


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