Monday, November 8, 2010

...Mari Kenal Kucing...

kuceng kuceng
in English Cat

9 kuceng sude
but skang xjaga cant afford to lose them again or worst, die
kuceng ade 9 nyawa, and 9 kuceng all gone so now i don hav anymore nyawa

will get a cat..soon....
coz i miss havin a lil bro
silly, but my kuceng is not my pet but my family

now, in case sesape still don noe these super popular cats' names ^^
 meet Bakira

 and Leo
and  Leon
and cutie Tigger
Sume milik Xiah Junsu

and Jiji
nih Jaejoong punye

lets move on to our beloved Heebum and Bangshin
trending topic in Twitter for several times ;p
 I Love Bangshin
Si Heebum yg Tough
 Heenim is so powerful, kuceng pn same
now, which is your favourite? 


  1. omg..soo cute noni..comeyynyerr..wpon aq xde la suke sgt..but i do had a cat..hahah

  2. zana, u read my blog?
    omg, malu...with all d kpop obsessin
    umah ko de kuceng?
    meh bg ak,hehe

  3. ak suka bakira lah. and leon.

    heechul gomeng!


  4. hye nina, u memang si gila kpop meh..hehehe
    follow your blog dear..




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