Tuesday, April 26, 2011

...bout BH's article...

that paper again Berita Harian
mini articles always bagi wrong facts, use wrong pic
and now the very stereotype articles (or study or laporan khas)

seriously? if we kpop fans being so addicted to kpop, it might lead us to commit suicide?
and we use our money on useless things? we should organize our money wisely?
what? kpop the only hobby that bring negative effects?

if it's about money,
what's the difference between kpop and those who collect things like coca-cola brand, mini cars, hollywood artists' collectibles like Michael Jackson, The Beatles and etc?
if we have extra money and we like what we see, we buy our things
that's basic for ppl with money
we don't just buy everything without thinking

and if it's about committing suicide,
what about Hollywood?
and worst, drinking problems, DUI,drugs and etc

whenever there are disaster, we fandoms create fundraising activities to collect money to donate to the country
did u know about it?
we use our money wisely, not just for kpop items
did u know our kpop idols also donate millions just like hollywood and other organizations?
is this not consider as a good influence?
and whenever we heard any of our fandom siblings die during natural disaster, we give our condolences also

and from what i've seen,
kpop fans also ikut korean culture of respecting the olders

yes, maybe i'm to biased to kpop
but we just having fun, and we do know what's right and what's wrong

Friday, April 15, 2011

...sebulan lg bry dpt...

bru request nk cashout ma 1st payemnt from nuffnang
haha...almost a year bru dpt rm50
nk wat cemane..bloggin pn mls

Thursday, April 14, 2011

...Maid of Honor, where are you my best-friend?...

best-friends during middle and secondary school
but not today's best-friends

best-friends during PLKN
but not today's best-friends also

best-friends during university life
but yes,not today's best-friends also

and now, i guess I don't really have best-friend or best-friends
wonder if anyone ever think of me as their best-friend
coz best-friends -->2 ways...not 1 side only
must be hard for me to find my maid of honor in the future xD

kpoppers are kpoppers
they are my closest things to best-friends right
but sadly, no, 1 side is not best-friend

Sunday, April 10, 2011

...Wonder Girls, Hoobastank and Rain...Gilelah...

yes, gilelah
watched all of them
Sume big names, but free
Fanzone tix for Twin Towers @Live 2011
last minute got complimentary tix for F1 Concert
Rain kinda big now (take care of your body okat oppa), kekeke...but still hot
still screaming like crazy for his hip dance xD

and Wonder Girls, Sunye so freaking pretty and sexy

and Hoobastank, Doug, gah...even with all the sweats, everytime he smiled, everyone jadi gilo

here for WG
and others vids

only uploaded 1 vid of Hoobastank
coz busy jumping
and last but not least Rain

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

...Free Concert...Wonder Girls, Se7en and Rain in Malaysia Soon...

cemane nk rest from kpop if album baru sentiasa keluar and kpop artist always come to Malaysia?
my withdrawal syndrome from suju and SS3 still ade but..
April, 3 huge names from hallyu wave coming to town
crazy babe crazy
no excuse okay
cannot miss la
Wonder Girls

and all free babes

ok, not for Rain...but i can still stalk
if i'm lucky
so yeah, free babe to see Rain

and Se7en, i hope i dont have anything to do on 30th april
coz i'm sooooooo gonna buy his album on that itself just for handshake with him
gonna bring my polaroid as well
who knows
maybe i still have ma luck

wonder girls
not really my reason for this coming free concert this friday
but hell yeah
i do wanna see them

my freaking reason is HOOBASTANK
and again, FREE!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


kecoh sekejap Malaysia smlm
ok, tipu, kecoh kejap kpoppers

Tirai AF smlm
Erul, mamat yang minat kpop
yes, sume kpoppers at least ternanti persembahan die
ngan tag seyo seyo
tp adoyai
kpop fan plg basic annyeonghaseyo failed ape cerite dude???
annyeong, kamsahamnida, saranghae ituh basic words okay~~~

xpaham ape die nyanyi...
tp tahniah, die berjaya sebut 'seyo' and 'opseo' ngan btul
perkataan laen bajet ade bunyi korea jd la eh bang??
wow, bpe lame agaknye die study tuk nyanyi lgu nih??

kamu malay bang oi
nyanyi je la lgu malay dulu
lagu omputeh pn ok
sbb kite memang da biase ngan malay and english
ape? usaha yang penting?
memang btul, tp lau usaha xsampai 100%,
jgnla tunjuk
praktis dulu betul2

die plak kuar after kpoppers kecoh ngan grup 24/7 supposedly our first kpop group
yg x cun nye sbb mamat2 nih yg mude lg la rsenye, motip korg sume amek pics tunjuk pusat camtu ape kes?
mamat korea pn xde camtu la nk promosikn diri mule2 b4 debut
ape ingat bnde tuh ke sb utama kitorg minat kpop??
xmo la blum pape ak nk kutuk2 dorg
tp kitorg da ade -ve thinking of you guys, so better go prepare yourself with dance and live singing
yes, LIVE singing...
coz we all tgk keupayaan LIVE nyanyi..
MR removed...go check Youtube, kpop artist yg bole nyanyi berbeza jumlah fans ngan yg xle nyanyi


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