Tuesday, April 26, 2011

...bout BH's article...

that paper again Berita Harian
mini articles always bagi wrong facts, use wrong pic
and now the very stereotype articles (or study or laporan khas)

seriously? if we kpop fans being so addicted to kpop, it might lead us to commit suicide?
and we use our money on useless things? we should organize our money wisely?
what? kpop the only hobby that bring negative effects?

if it's about money,
what's the difference between kpop and those who collect things like coca-cola brand, mini cars, hollywood artists' collectibles like Michael Jackson, The Beatles and etc?
if we have extra money and we like what we see, we buy our things
that's basic for ppl with money
we don't just buy everything without thinking

and if it's about committing suicide,
what about Hollywood?
and worst, drinking problems, DUI,drugs and etc

whenever there are disaster, we fandoms create fundraising activities to collect money to donate to the country
did u know about it?
we use our money wisely, not just for kpop items
did u know our kpop idols also donate millions just like hollywood and other organizations?
is this not consider as a good influence?
and whenever we heard any of our fandom siblings die during natural disaster, we give our condolences also

and from what i've seen,
kpop fans also ikut korean culture of respecting the olders

yes, maybe i'm to biased to kpop
but we just having fun, and we do know what's right and what's wrong


  1. sabar nina..ko bakor je surat khabar tu..ko bako2x!!

  2. bako2...tp cool down la plak dgr suju ade free concert...ha ko amek, BH kutuk, tp goverment tau kepentingan kpop tuk industri pelancongan

  3. go nina go! superlike this entry!




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