Thursday, December 15, 2011

...My birthday is amazing..coz they tweeted me ^^

So today is my birthday
my fb online page flooded with wishes..thank you so much everyone
my personal fb also ^^
i dont want to tweet all idols asking them to wish me..embarrassing for me huhu
i ended up tweeted only ukyul G.IAM, hanbyul LEDApple and Hyunil

ukyul wished me, no 'yo' at the end, maybe coz he knew we were the same age 
i did know he's gonna reply coz he is so nice 
happy happy~~ 

then i tweeted Hanbyul, his mentions was flooded with leda's tweets at that time, so i put no hope
then he replied...a long one~~
i tweeted him, then i was gone for few i only noticed later hoho
it was 1-2am, i wanna scream, but i couldn't!! 
later only i spazzzed with my friend

Leader of LEDApple replied me...gahhh jumping jumping
it's been a really long time since any LEDApple members replied to me

Later, Donghae online, so yeah, i imagined that as my present also

Few mins later, Jinyoungie (i spammed tumblr bout gongchan, so my B1A4 mood that time so high), this time i screamed okey!! Gila~~
Just how luck am i to have all the ppl i want here~
he posted Baro's pic 

 B1A4 dudes~~ berbunga-bunga hati
Then come Eunhyuk with a cake..not for me, but  for 'Oppa oppa' promo..perasan for me also keke

we were also talking bout how miracle wud it be if infinite suddenly tweet..
Gyu, my bias, tweet the least among infinite members,miraculously online

my t-line so fast, and didnt even see him..this one my friend posted also i didn't see

so yeah, i'm a happy birthday girl yeah~~
all my fav groups have online...except for 2AM and UKISS
Hyunil baby hasn't come online yet..hope he will wish me too ^^

Sunday, November 27, 2011


my last update on this blog, few months ago.. long goodbye

i'm here again for a FA..
25th November 2011 - witnessed the awesome showmanship of 2PM
before continue, some intro
i'm a kpopper...listen to most songs, groups and solo
my ultimate bias - 4 fandoms (still too much right? hoho)
2PM, i used to like them more than i like 2AM (but now the other way around hihi)
coz of certain ppl i know, after Jaypark left, they have been too...hmm annoying?
well, cant blame them, but i really don't like seeing ppl ship Jay, and bash 2PM...and ship 2PM, and bash Jay...
so i hated both Jay and 2PM, until last year, when both Jay and 2PM back into entertainment...
when i no longer see those ppl  bash anymore, i listen to both Jay and 2PM again! Finally, im in peace ^^

so when i heard the news bout 2PM coming to Malaysia, i know i should go no matter what..
bought tix last minute...on last day...the same day when my friend Boboi msg asking me whether im going to the concert or not..
his tix was on L side, mine R side..few mins after i've decided to buy the tix, i got good news, free tix from kak M..woohoo~~
so grateful to her!!
this free tix also R i called in the end, 6 of us sat at the same side R

and so, the concert started..
so awesome!! 
there were about 4 songs i couldn't sing along coz i didn't know a single word :(
so many surprises from 2PM
focused eyes on stage, 1 sec, you could miss everything..

oh btw, Junsu's aunt and family, Nickhun's omma and Nichan also came to the concert

here are some fancams from me

and so, time for Encore Stage..they sang Thank you, and later rock the stadium again with Hands up (this time remix version)
we were dancing to and waved our hands and body, when suddenly i heard screaming next to my right ears
Taecyeon, standing there, looking absolutely manlier as ever..we were at the last row, so me and my friends ran to him...guards did nothing to hold us back...4steps away from Taecyeon...soooo good...
the funny thing..i thought all the ppl in front of me were guards, when suddenly this 'guard' gave his hand to Taec, and Taec shook his hand...vshvvlvjl ommo
woah, so i rushed forward to Taec also..1 step away from him
but i was stunned, and blank...his biceps right next to me, but i didn't even do anything...fdasfsdhfeirgo
this is really Taec, i did nothing??? 

he then went down to the stage again, so we went back to our place also..

we spazzzed omagosh TAEC !!! and Boboi told me he was the one who shook hand with Taec!!!

tgh imagine: Taec seeing a very excited fanboy!!
and shook his hand!! LOL so cute~~
sang while holding hand...wahaha

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Eeteuk is a married man now

it's only natural for me to bash his future virtual wife

but no Sora, i don't really hate you
it's just the jealousy speaking
please take care of him
you feel the huge burden right?
you do something wrong, you know what will happen
All eyes are on you

i shouldn't forget about this blog

it's been a long time since i updated this blog
with so many social network..i'm lost


Friday, August 26, 2011


cepat betul ramadhan nak berlabuh
*erkk ke sbb focus bnde laen kekeke*

ramai da mula balik kampung
seronok bace status masing2
tp rumah nih bile balik kampung pn xdiketahui
sehari before raya ke? hari raya ke?

tapi raya kali nih rasa macam seronok
sebab tahun nih makin banyak kenal kwn
makin banyak la boleh beraya
beraya tuh sangat menyeronokkan
walaupn sekarang da xdapat duit raya

xsabar nak hantar msg
mohon maaf, halalkan segala hutang yg ade hehehe

Tuesday, July 26, 2011




BEAST arrival for MTV WORLD STAGE 24.07.2011 - at KLIA MALAYSIA



BEAST Interlude vid, Gikwang American Dance - 24.07. 2011 MTV WORLD STAGE MALAYSIA 



BEAST departure to Incheon, Korea after MTV WORLD STAGE 24.07.2011 - KLIA MALAYSIA 


Friday, July 15, 2011


...Hear, Hear...
They who conquered Asia and Europe are here (pretty sure America also xD)
5th album, or 5jib
this time everything in future is unknown
Super Show 4 what will happen?
anything can happen
how many goin to Army?
is it as rumored before? Heechul, Leeteuk and Yesung?

put all that worries aside
All we should focus now --> album sales and uncontrolled amount of support

Well, according to unconfirmed comeback schedule, Top Star, World Star, Super Star, Super Junior will begin filming for their comeback music video on July 20th and the teaser will be released on July 27th. 
Then, the title song will be released on August 1st and will be followed by the album’s release on August 3rd.  First comeback stage will then be on KBS’s Music Bank on August 5th.
As before, the 5th album will also have a possible release of three different versions: Version A (Regular), Version B (Repackaged w/ 2 new songs), and Version C (CD+DVD).
DVD is said to contain clips and etc from debut till now.
On July 15th, SM Entertainment choreographer Shim Jaewon tweeted photos of the possible formation of Super Junior’s upcoming title song. No need to figure which one is Eunhyuk or etc, just look here ^^

Top first, left to right: Leeteuk, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Ryeowook, Siwon, Sungmin, Heechul, Kyuhyun, Shindong, Yesung

Thursday, July 7, 2011

...nice but byun...

dgr cte kwn2 nak pegi Genting?
tp diam sudah
ape progress?

last month i brought my friends to Ampang Point, makan korean Uni friends and at the same time my kpop friends...
ahhh, Uni friends must be terrifed of me, new side of me they didn't even know
byuntae me...pervert me lol
open minded me

having diff friends
1 side buatkan ak jd sorg yg still nice
1 side buatkan ak enjoy youth
i love skinship but i know how to control and limit myself
i'm having so much fun at this age
last year and this year
later when i'm old, i can reminiscing all these sweet memories
i have no regret
i am making sure i enjoy myself, and still be a nice daughter that will never memalukan family

respect to all my friends yg berjaya avoid from hallyu waves
i hope you guys also having fun like me in your own way ^^

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Let the world see what you see #AstroMyMusic Your own made true blue Malaysian music video ad

Our Independence Day is around the corner
Always feels like should do something to show the world about Malaysia?
Well, here's a chance for you

Be creative, let it be yours only, or among friends..even stronger with support from others ^^

Capture the essence of Malaysian spirit in the form of music. The best selected music videos will be aired on Astro Channel 318 from 31st August to 16th September.
You make it, #AstroMyMusic will air it! Submit ur own made true blue Malaysian music video ad submit it here

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

..All K-pop Idols i've meet..and soon to meet

today also raining
waiting for an email, the weather kinda make it worse
uhh i'm so worried now

September 2011
still a long way to go, but also cannot senang duduk
Shining shining
get what i mean?
Puasa Raye...wut if they decided to sell it during fasting month?
never ever tot Shining shining, ok la SHINEE will come
impossible weh i tot at first
but i guess now nothing is impossible
free showcase where everyone tot WAYYYY TOOO IMPOSSIBLE
but now we already had 2 free showcases, or better called as Fanmeets (coz there were interaction and games with fans)

from March 2010 till July 2011

shawols in malaysia, do check this page for update

wallaweh, just how much did i spend for all these??
tickets, stalking, KLIA, transportation
but no regrets...coz later when all the youth and energy depleted from ma body, i will look back and gladly say ' I DID ALL THAT', 'I'VE MEET THEM' and 'I ENJOYED MY YOUTH'

* I wanna get married, but also i hate marriage*

Sunday, June 5, 2011

...Jang Geun Suk Fanmeet CRI Show...

ape maksud CRI?
ikut kata abg Suk kite, CRI critical, konon cam very important...errkk lupekn,sbb sgt xfaham

cemane ak yg xsehat nih leh tetibe muncul? citenye cenggini....
kul 5 lbh, kwn ak tetibe kol tnye ak kat umah ke...then bla bla bla upenye kwn die mng tix plak uh..tetibe ak bersemangat (ngehngeh teringat betapa canteq dan ensemnye Seukkie smlm)..trus gtau mak ak nk g, kne mare siket tp die munculla ak and kat sane jumpela sume Carians (forum ku)

nih ak dpt free gak sbb gold uh...poster ngan postcards

lam planery hall:
   lampu dimalapkan, sume fans termasuk ak larik g seat depan yg kosong
   lagu pertama..jerit kaw2 sesorg..gigih amek pics siket n rakam 1 vid...pastu security dtg, mls ah ak nk usaha lg amek vids...time talk, mmg focus tatap muke Seukkie (alahai bile die senyum n gelak, sgtla )...lagu ke2, ak larik diri g depan sesorg tempat VVIP sane...kwn xmo g..lompat sesorg kat dpn, sorg je gurl dpn ak (betapa dpnnye janji enjoy)..abih lgu blk smule ke tmpt..lagu ke3, hello hello rasenye...larik g dpn...1/3 lgu security dtg halau, tp ak XMO BALIK..ak g nyelinap msk tmpt die sesame la enjoy..

        Part interaction ngan fan (lucky fans pick from box).tanye solan sal crite you're beautiful,hwang tae kyung..solan 1st, brg ape yg boss die jual? rasenye sticker tp salah, so fan nih kne blk smule tmpt die..solan ke2,makeup ape yg slalu pakai? eyeliner..solan 3rd, instrument ape slalu maen? sorg fan jwb guitar, slh, pick another fan, piano btul...solan last, stationery ape slalu gune? pensel...dis one from VVIP..hadiah dorg dpt...1st dpt mini notebook, 2nd dpt tuala..3rd dpt keychain and HUG!! Seukkie ckp sbb die VVIP!! then die bg flying kiss to all of us, pastu gelak comey

    PART 2 CRI SHOW: NIGHT WITH JGS ---> clubbing time Haruslah larik g depan..rase pelik kalau duduk..nih ak g area platinum je, jumpe kak bebeyh dance ...org2 kat depan kne halau, ak nyelit lagi masuk, xpandang muke security, terus nari cam biase...teng security melepasi diriku..yeah!!! Ba BBa ba bBA ba bHa~ Big Bro and JGS ca**t Fu****g xingat dunia, tp AWESOME!! half way ngah nari, tetibe fan sebelah ak tuh aigoo, sgtla xsporting kot...tolak2 nak halau ak...Fine, ak diri btul2 kat tangga...lam ati, janganla security halau ak..1 min, 2 min 5 min...xde yang halau..yeah bebeyh yeah Ba BBa ba bBA ba bHa~ Seukkie dok ajak kaum kerabat nari, oh tutup mate da abih part DJ Club, blk smule g tmpt ak...then Seukkie bg appreciation talk, then nyanyi lagu 'My precious'...okla, ak stay kat tmpt nih je sbb xsesuai plak ak nk g diri dpn..Lagu last lagu ape ntah, tp lgu rock, wajib d dpn!! Enjoy to the Fullest, then THE END....Bubye Sukkie

Blk umah, batuk2, teng kne perli ngan abg...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

...Mereke Kawin...

hari2 maen PC n lappy, jari tgn da start sakit2
harap sakit2 biase je

baru baik demam
tp tgk schedule (ceh schedule) yg full every week,
kompem nnt sakit semule

da lama xjumpe kwn2 btul

eh, sebut sal kawan,
apakah kebetulan yg sgt kebutulan nih?
my matrix classmates kawen with my university classmate?
wahahaha...due2 jenis alim baik2
nice nice
bile ak nk kawin?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

...and dot dot dot...

lame x menulis
kejanggalan berlaku

mane check nuffnangku

last month and this month gile lah banyak belanja
cemane nk cukup duet g korea nih?
uhuks, sebelum tuh nk g ikut Max blk Thai (ahaks, ade duet ke nih)

tp alhamdulillah
makan banyak org beli cd
xtau baki account sebenarnye berape
duet masuk duet keluar

sampai bile cani?
sampai kawin kah?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

...bout BH's article...

that paper again Berita Harian
mini articles always bagi wrong facts, use wrong pic
and now the very stereotype articles (or study or laporan khas)

seriously? if we kpop fans being so addicted to kpop, it might lead us to commit suicide?
and we use our money on useless things? we should organize our money wisely?
what? kpop the only hobby that bring negative effects?

if it's about money,
what's the difference between kpop and those who collect things like coca-cola brand, mini cars, hollywood artists' collectibles like Michael Jackson, The Beatles and etc?
if we have extra money and we like what we see, we buy our things
that's basic for ppl with money
we don't just buy everything without thinking

and if it's about committing suicide,
what about Hollywood?
and worst, drinking problems, DUI,drugs and etc

whenever there are disaster, we fandoms create fundraising activities to collect money to donate to the country
did u know about it?
we use our money wisely, not just for kpop items
did u know our kpop idols also donate millions just like hollywood and other organizations?
is this not consider as a good influence?
and whenever we heard any of our fandom siblings die during natural disaster, we give our condolences also

and from what i've seen,
kpop fans also ikut korean culture of respecting the olders

yes, maybe i'm to biased to kpop
but we just having fun, and we do know what's right and what's wrong

Friday, April 15, 2011

...sebulan lg bry dpt...

bru request nk cashout ma 1st payemnt from nuffnang
haha...almost a year bru dpt rm50
nk wat cemane..bloggin pn mls

Thursday, April 14, 2011

...Maid of Honor, where are you my best-friend?...

best-friends during middle and secondary school
but not today's best-friends

best-friends during PLKN
but not today's best-friends also

best-friends during university life
but yes,not today's best-friends also

and now, i guess I don't really have best-friend or best-friends
wonder if anyone ever think of me as their best-friend
coz best-friends -->2 ways...not 1 side only
must be hard for me to find my maid of honor in the future xD

kpoppers are kpoppers
they are my closest things to best-friends right
but sadly, no, 1 side is not best-friend

Sunday, April 10, 2011

...Wonder Girls, Hoobastank and Rain...Gilelah...

yes, gilelah
watched all of them
Sume big names, but free
Fanzone tix for Twin Towers @Live 2011
last minute got complimentary tix for F1 Concert
Rain kinda big now (take care of your body okat oppa), kekeke...but still hot
still screaming like crazy for his hip dance xD

and Wonder Girls, Sunye so freaking pretty and sexy

and Hoobastank, Doug, gah...even with all the sweats, everytime he smiled, everyone jadi gilo

here for WG
and others vids

only uploaded 1 vid of Hoobastank
coz busy jumping
and last but not least Rain

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

...Free Concert...Wonder Girls, Se7en and Rain in Malaysia Soon...

cemane nk rest from kpop if album baru sentiasa keluar and kpop artist always come to Malaysia?
my withdrawal syndrome from suju and SS3 still ade but..
April, 3 huge names from hallyu wave coming to town
crazy babe crazy
no excuse okay
cannot miss la
Wonder Girls

and all free babes

ok, not for Rain...but i can still stalk
if i'm lucky
so yeah, free babe to see Rain

and Se7en, i hope i dont have anything to do on 30th april
coz i'm sooooooo gonna buy his album on that itself just for handshake with him
gonna bring my polaroid as well
who knows
maybe i still have ma luck

wonder girls
not really my reason for this coming free concert this friday
but hell yeah
i do wanna see them

my freaking reason is HOOBASTANK
and again, FREE!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


kecoh sekejap Malaysia smlm
ok, tipu, kecoh kejap kpoppers

Tirai AF smlm
Erul, mamat yang minat kpop
yes, sume kpoppers at least ternanti persembahan die
ngan tag seyo seyo
tp adoyai
kpop fan plg basic annyeonghaseyo failed ape cerite dude???
annyeong, kamsahamnida, saranghae ituh basic words okay~~~

xpaham ape die nyanyi...
tp tahniah, die berjaya sebut 'seyo' and 'opseo' ngan btul
perkataan laen bajet ade bunyi korea jd la eh bang??
wow, bpe lame agaknye die study tuk nyanyi lgu nih??

kamu malay bang oi
nyanyi je la lgu malay dulu
lagu omputeh pn ok
sbb kite memang da biase ngan malay and english
ape? usaha yang penting?
memang btul, tp lau usaha xsampai 100%,
jgnla tunjuk
praktis dulu betul2

die plak kuar after kpoppers kecoh ngan grup 24/7 supposedly our first kpop group
yg x cun nye sbb mamat2 nih yg mude lg la rsenye, motip korg sume amek pics tunjuk pusat camtu ape kes?
mamat korea pn xde camtu la nk promosikn diri mule2 b4 debut
ape ingat bnde tuh ke sb utama kitorg minat kpop??
xmo la blum pape ak nk kutuk2 dorg
tp kitorg da ade -ve thinking of you guys, so better go prepare yourself with dance and live singing
yes, LIVE singing...
coz we all tgk keupayaan LIVE nyanyi..
MR removed...go check Youtube, kpop artist yg bole nyanyi berbeza jumlah fans ngan yg xle nyanyi

Monday, March 28, 2011

...Calling All E.L.Fs for 5jib...

true ELF
we'd do anything for their glory
for them to be treated the way they should be

hate the company , but love SuJu
so just bare with everything

from what i've seen for 4jib
ELFs did work hard
buy maybe some of us not on the right path
so here
spend 15mins on these

foreign or oversea ELFs are sooooo big and bigger than the other fandoms
6jib might take who knows how long
but 5jib already on its way
so lets do our best

Sunday, March 27, 2011


jumpe Rif td
borak2 ituh borak inih
keluar topik Redang
rse pelik plak ak xg
adekah mereka akan berseronok di sana wlpn ak xde?
mstla, holiday plak
tp tp
plan yg lg besar 2012
xpe nina, bln 10 lmbt lg
lau time tuh ade duet lebih beli je la tix
ikut kata hati, utamakan 2012
lau xde 2012 tuh, bile lg bole g
unless kawen ngan lelaki yg nk honeymoon sane gak

Saturday, March 26, 2011

...One Day...

kpopper slalu cakap 'i'm damn broke'
yeah, me too
but when ders news bout your idols will be in town, ders always money in our hands
miraculously there

ble tgk my bank account,
so tension
i know im supposed to berjimat for future (marriage uh)
but the lust for kpop is so superior
da lame xblanje on shoes, clothes using ma money
i'll give ma self another 2-3 years
then maybe im done

but BIG NO till i stand in front of SuKiRa ma self

why am i so addicted to anything related to Korea?
all the money that i've spent

this guy, 
why am i so in love with him?
im just a fan
but gahh

“Leeteuk for SINGLES magazine

LT: I’ll get married exactly between the ages of 35-37
 i'll be 30 by then, not too old for you right? *ok, im crazy

Q:What are your interests these days? A:5Jib.It seems to come out this year.
yeah, money again *will do my magic later
Q:Where is the place to give you comfort of mind? A:My room and in the car.
LT:Cuz all members are in China now,there are only Heechul and I in dorm.
LT: We have moved into a spacious dorm recently and Heechul’s room and my room are at the end of each side.”

(credits: || shared by SGSJELFs&supershowsg)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011



YEAH, IN CASE YOU STILL DONT KNOW, GoodWill also an ELF now ^^ 

Thursday, March 17, 2011


will i have my luck with me?
will i be able to see them at the airport?


1,2,3 stalking start

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

..Tixs SS3 MALAYSIA...

rase cam kaunter tix plak
total of 17 tixs ...minus 3..
3 more days, and they gonna breath the same air and pijak the same land with us again
my 2nd time for SS3..
and my 3rd for Super Show
peh, i spent too much on them
hardcore much eh?

td g amek 6 more tixs
and kat masjid jamek, die 1 gurl and 1 boy berhentikn ak and ask for sign
lyn je la
and upenye dorg minta jasa baik tuk support handmade project dorg
unfortunately, ade rm10 je time tuh
so juz bg dorg ma exclusive signature
barang die cam pen with handmade design..nice...
but rm30 kinda expensive

ini xde kaitan ngan barang but motip?
the girl asked me whether im half chinese
yah, cam tetaw je die ak suke tgk chinese 
compared her hand with mine
mine lg puteh..OMG...*and i tot ak da gelap
serius, u xde chinese blood?
ur family?
u noe any chinese words?
u so puteh and bla bla bla
then asked for ma age
OMG, seriously? 88?
we're d same
ppl tot her umo 30an
and die sgtla xpercaye
nk tgk ic (jokingly asked for it)
and then...dis is so funny
ade bf?
no? then u couple with him la
can ajak masuk islam, i gurau je (don wori girl, im not offended, coz nih negara bebas agama)
and then asked samada ak pnh ade chinese guy
ak sgtla 1 malaysia
india, chinese, malay, kadazan
then tanye lg 
npe x cari bf chinese lg?
if ders one, of coz i want la :(

*erk, im 24 actually but since birthday dec last year, rse cam baru je

motip entry nih?
just because~~

release tensen

Monday, March 14, 2011

...Dato Lee Chong Wei hebat..

smlm headache gile
and terpakse tinggalkn TV dr tgk badminton
Dato Lee Chong Wei or Park Jay Bum versi kpoppers Malaysia menang
All England Baby~~

and paling cun sebab kalahkan musuh tradisi Lin Dan

     MS: [1] Lee Chong Wei (Mas) bt [3] Lin Dan (Chn)             21-17, 21-17 (50m)

xpnh lg berkesempatan tgk Lin Dan maen kat Malaysia
motip aritu die cedera plak time ak da excited g semi final
in juz 50mins
ok, ak kne carik ulangan die nnt

*tgn kiri yg awkward

Friday, March 11, 2011

...Bulan Ini Bulan Stress...

samada dis week hormon tgh high and musim merah nk dtg
or ak mmg xde mood

im not really laughing now
variety shows byk tunjuk dis caption
so ak pn rse cam nk tempek je bnde nih atas dahi

stress gile
but not really sure stress sal ape
need someone
but dont really wanna find company
nk bercerita
but dont really wanna find someone to hear me

right now
a boyfriend or best friend really is needed
but it's been a long time since ak pnh classifiedkn someone as besh fren
cukup2 la bnde zaman skola dlu
rapat ngan dis fren, dis other fren terase, and then the akwardness dtg
tried so hard to get each other attention
so better be good friend with everyone
and find a best friend in the future

and conclusion
ak tension

spe ade blog? meh jana duit from this --> Join #ChurpChurp today and bring more friends to the community!

spe ade blog? meh jana duit from this --> Join #ChurpChurp today and bring more friends to the community!

i juz joined this for few days (or da smpi a week ke?)
but it is much easier to gain money
so now, bloggers can gain money from nuffnang ad churp churp

ak yg kurg gak aktif kat blog nih pn byk gakla dpt from churp churp,
so u guys yg more active, shud get lg lumayan
so ape tnggu lg
join la~

and selain blog, u guys can share kat twitter and fb

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

...wartawan utusan...

kejap lg akan menerima kedatangan wartawan utusan
nape la ak g terime interbiu aritu
xpasal2 kne kemas bilek
segan kot nk bg tgk brg2 kpop and poster kat wall nih
bangga mmg bangga tp umur da meningkat, tipu la lau rse segan tuh xde
tp selagi x smpi umur 26, myb kesedaran tuh kurg siket ;p
tp kwn2 kpop ak ade je umur 30an bole je enjoy, kekeke

...ape ape la... nk pikir...

punyela byk now lam PC
1 episode saiz 700MB
1 full drama jd 13GB
cian perut hardisk xle bernafas
lama x dw j-dorama
now tgh dw Misaki No 1
mcm gokusen tp nih pompuan tuh bkn dr keluarga mafia tp hostess kot
maaf, xtgk lg
drama berduyun nk tgk

pic nih ak anta tuk Hyuk's birthday photobook
ye, ak xsedar diri

Monday, March 7, 2011



DATE: APRIL 09, 2011
TIME: 08:00PM - 10:00PM


VVIP Seats Package (RM450) [Numbered Seat] 
1. 2011 Park Jung Min Showcase & Fan Party VVIP Seat ticket
2. Park Jung Min Solo Album with signature (Pre-sign)
3. Exclusive Post Card & Poster
4. Chances to interact with artist on stage during showcase - 5pax (Lucky Draw)
5. Chances to attend Meet & Greet section - 100pax (Lucky Draw)
6. Chances to have Group Photograph Section with Park Jung Min - 100pax (Lucky Draw)

VIP Seats Package (RM350) [Numbered Seat] 
1. 2011 Park Jung Min Showcase & Fan Party VIP Seat ticket
2. Exclusive Post Card & Poster
3. Chances to interact with artist on stage during showcase - 5pax (Lucky Draw)
4. Chances to attend Meet & Greet section - 100pax (Lucky Draw)
5. Chances to have Group Photograph Section with Park Jung Min - 100pax (Lucky Draw)

P1 Seats Package (RM250) [Numbered Seat]
1. 2011 Park Jung Min Showcase & Fan Party P1 Seat ticket
2. Exclusive Post Card & Poster

P2 Seats Package (RM150) [Free Seating]
1. 2011 Park Jung Min Showcase & Fan Party P2 Seat ticket
2. Exclusive Post Card & Poster

Park Jungmin
finally the chance to see you

Saturday, March 5, 2011


yesterday was a damn tired day
bgn tdo today at 11am (slept at 12.30am)
full of dramas
happiness and moodiness

bought this thing
for what...dunno
juz love the polka dot

hangin out with frens ^^
miss the others
why is it so hard for us to meet in a big group like them?

kinda weird if i miss it
i'm the mood-maker (perasan)
but aishh...dunno, still a long way to go

but singapore
wanna go there again

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

..churp churp?...

...ape bnde churp churp nih eh?...
...baru register...
...xde mse nk selongkar...
...better that nuffnang? same as nuffnang?...
...nanti akan ku study...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

..Coming (thou some still in planning mode) Event in Malaysia...

i'm counting days for SS3 MALAYSIA 
19 Mac 2011

what other event will i attend after this?
lets see

4th June - Jang Geun Suk Fanmeet Asia Tour 2011

*keep in mind changes can take place*

...Instax Polaroid Teman Seperjuangan...

sume bende pn beli
mane xpokai 

tp yg nih xrugi beli
dis thing akan menemani smpi la hobby yg memeritkan inih ilang

shud buy dis thing dr dulu lg

Friday, February 11, 2011

...grup k-pop malaysia?...

'KL, 2 FEBRUARI 2011:Bila sebut saja nama Cat Farish, pasti semua dapat membayangkan lagu-lagu rancak dan irama rap yang dipersembahankan Cat. Malah, Murai Batu lihat sejak kemunculan Cat sebagai artis bersama kumpulan Ruffedge, lagu-lagu rapnya memang menjadi dan lain daripada yang lain............................................
        Paling mengejutkan, bila Cat dikatakan baru saja menubuhkan sebuah kumpulan bernama P.R.Inc (Prince). Difahamkan, kumpulan ini dianggotai anak-anak muda yang berasal dari Sabah. Mereka adalah AG, Aye Len, Fiez dan Vin.
        Murai Batu turut diberitahu, kumpulan ini ditubuhkan bersandarkan konsep K-Pop (Korean Pop). Semua gaya, lagu, penampilan dan nyanyian mereka sama seperti artis dari Korea Selatan. Ala-ala Super Junior, 2PM dan B2ST lah ni. Mungkin bezanya hanya pada bahasa saja.
        Menurut cerita yang disampaikan itu, idea Cat untuk menubuhkan kumpulan ini diambil selepas dia melihat sambutan yang begitu baik oleh masyarakat tempatan terhadap irama K-Pop. Lebih-lebih lagi, gadis-gadis Melayu yang sering histeria setiap kali menyaksikan konsert K-Pop.
        Malah, Cat sendiri dikatakan sungguh kagum dengan bakat-bakat K-Pop terutama sekali Super Junior. Wah! Agaknya mana satu yang Cat suka? Siwon, Dong Hae, Hee Chul ataupun Shing Dong? Sila beri tahu Murai Batu.......................'
--> cr:Murai
dr sudut pandangan ak as k-pop fans, usaha Cat Farish nih bgs, tp arap2 ianye bermutu...
we all know penyanyi baru 'S' pnh wat single k-pop jugak, tp alahai bunyi malay cam ape, bunyi koreannye cam lg la...ape penyanyi mmg susah ke nk sebut bunyi tuh biar clear? yg bahase melayu nye plak boleh x lau kasi huruf tuh bunyi btul2, xde slang2?

mmg kitorg gile2 kpop, tp artis tempatan ttp akan disokong...
byk negara da start wat grup based on k-pop element, siap cover fofuler songs lg..yg plagarized lgu pn negara kite pn da terpengaruh...bagus2, da lme xnmpk group kat malaysia yg besh...
lau solo, mmg banyak yg besh...yg group nih dlu2 banyak sgt yg berharap pade muka, sbb tuh xde yg bertahan lame...

so arap2 grup yg nih nnt btul2 ade bakatnye
jgn plak korg ingat kitorg nih minat korea just based on appearance...
menanyi dan menari tuh penting
*yg mne grup korean yg based on muka pn smpi skang ssh nk fofuler

Thursday, February 10, 2011

...Jang Hyuk vid from ONEHD...*try to spot me?

my 5th time msk TV
from Jang Hyuk fanmeeting
ak nmpk huduh,muahaha

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So, it's finally here
after killing us,kekeke for months|


Super Show 3 - The Third Asia Tour
Date: SAT 19 March 2011
Time: 6 PM
Venue: Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil

Rock Pitt RM 480
Terrace Seats RM 480
Balcony Seats RM 370
Partial Restricted View RM 220

Launch of Ticket Sale Event for Super Junior's SUPER SHOW 3 in Kuala Lumpur

Venue: Sungei Wang Mall
Date: 19th February 2011
Time: 10 AM - 10 PM

Online Ticket Sales at (20 Feb - 19 March 2011)
Available Online and at all AirAsiaRedTix outlets Island-wide (Malaysia) .

Time and Date (Start of Online/Outlet sales : 20th FEB  | 12 Noon

helping friends first ^^

and i'm really happy that online ticketing is only on 20th coz we all remembered the singapore one, messed up

Online ticket sales for Super Show 3 Malaysia at and all AirAsiaRedTix counters will only start on the 20th FEB, 12 Noon. Look out for more details on the location of the counters soon!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

...i'm broke and i'm goin crazy...

after effect SS3

i can't bring myself to spazz other idols right now except for Suju
all i can do now is eat Suju, sleep Suju and mandi Suju
even asked a stranger (can't remember his name, so...stranger) to look for Suju
dreamin and fantasizin again

a very good year for me
Rabbit Year
luck's with me everywhere
from kpop events in Malaysia
to free money in Singapore

now im so runsing
how to film Teuk, Hae and Hyuk?
1 camera, and 2 eyes definitely not enough (one lookin at camera, the other looking at stage)
i need to practice multi-task now
right hand and left hand each hold a camera,
and eyes concentrate on stage
yeah, i can do that
you go girl

everyone keeps tellin me to stay with 1 bias
but i can't
i want Teuk
but i really need Hyuk
ok, i can leave Hae, but don't want to

Hyuk is so irresistible for me
he's ugly sometimes, but never ugly in ma eyes
forehead butt abs armpit
sounds like a pervert huh
ok weird me, i like guy with nice armpit
Hyukie and Hun Jin
both are really good dancers
i never really can take ma eyes of dancer
the armpit and the veins

he works so hard
i wanna take care of him
can't never leave him
coz he's so fragile
keep everything to himself
so he needs us, Angels to be with him
so i'll be with him
but i hate other Angels
i always glare at other Angels (sorry super jealous)

and Hae
is it just me?
 i see Hae is always exhausted
poor him
his face tells it all
wait ah Hae
later when i have money,
i'll buy you supplements and facial products for you

this is gettin weirder
why do i care so much for them?
can anyone tell me?

Friday, January 28, 2011

...Fly and Fly to Singapore...

fly fly
blue blue
everything must be blue

my first concert outside of malaysia
first? will there be more after this?

hoping for the best
enjoy to the fullest

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

...Great OSTs from korean dramas...

love these OSTs

Like A Fool - 2AM
Personal Taste OST
*pttla suke gile ^.^

That Man by Baek Ji Young
Secret Garden OST

Cinderella's Sister OST 
Hello Hello by Jang Geun Suk
MV (Marry Me, Mary OST)
* i seriously hated this song before, ;p


Monday, January 24, 2011

...Twitter hmmmm...

i used to like twitter
but when all your followers spammed the same thing on your timeline,
ianye jd membosankn sedikit

1 solution, find more followers to talk bout other things
but nah, im not good at socializing with random ppl
so ape yg ak wat
tutup je tab twitter

the one who always with same face expression
no wonder 'dat thing' happened
hope he improves his expression later,
or i might get annoyed too
but can i get anoyed?
coz it's hyunseung after all

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

...cuti watpe...

...spt tajuk di atas..
ape ak wat
membalut cd n poster tuk dipos
nk membalut Homin nye cd2 punyela byk bubble wrap abih
xblk modal, profit tngl bpe je :(

da nk abih da january 2011
yah, busy gile smpi xpasan
every week with cds, then kpop party, then tv show, then fanmeet, then badminton
and next week SS3 Singapore woyehhhhh~~

p.s: waiting for Utusan, hopin my pic xnmpk buwuk~
      waiting for Astro, hope my pic with Jang Hyuk pn nmpk ok
      waiting for Astro, hope i look good kat TV


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