Friday, February 4, 2011

...i'm broke and i'm goin crazy...

after effect SS3

i can't bring myself to spazz other idols right now except for Suju
all i can do now is eat Suju, sleep Suju and mandi Suju
even asked a stranger (can't remember his name, so...stranger) to look for Suju
dreamin and fantasizin again

a very good year for me
Rabbit Year
luck's with me everywhere
from kpop events in Malaysia
to free money in Singapore

now im so runsing
how to film Teuk, Hae and Hyuk?
1 camera, and 2 eyes definitely not enough (one lookin at camera, the other looking at stage)
i need to practice multi-task now
right hand and left hand each hold a camera,
and eyes concentrate on stage
yeah, i can do that
you go girl

everyone keeps tellin me to stay with 1 bias
but i can't
i want Teuk
but i really need Hyuk
ok, i can leave Hae, but don't want to

Hyuk is so irresistible for me
he's ugly sometimes, but never ugly in ma eyes
forehead butt abs armpit
sounds like a pervert huh
ok weird me, i like guy with nice armpit
Hyukie and Hun Jin
both are really good dancers
i never really can take ma eyes of dancer
the armpit and the veins

he works so hard
i wanna take care of him
can't never leave him
coz he's so fragile
keep everything to himself
so he needs us, Angels to be with him
so i'll be with him
but i hate other Angels
i always glare at other Angels (sorry super jealous)

and Hae
is it just me?
 i see Hae is always exhausted
poor him
his face tells it all
wait ah Hae
later when i have money,
i'll buy you supplements and facial products for you

this is gettin weirder
why do i care so much for them?
can anyone tell me?

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  1. hey weirdo!


    toolove.Hee. This is getting seriusly serious.



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