Thursday, July 7, 2011

...nice but byun...

dgr cte kwn2 nak pegi Genting?
tp diam sudah
ape progress?

last month i brought my friends to Ampang Point, makan korean Uni friends and at the same time my kpop friends...
ahhh, Uni friends must be terrifed of me, new side of me they didn't even know
byuntae me...pervert me lol
open minded me

having diff friends
1 side buatkan ak jd sorg yg still nice
1 side buatkan ak enjoy youth
i love skinship but i know how to control and limit myself
i'm having so much fun at this age
last year and this year
later when i'm old, i can reminiscing all these sweet memories
i have no regret
i am making sure i enjoy myself, and still be a nice daughter that will never memalukan family

respect to all my friends yg berjaya avoid from hallyu waves
i hope you guys also having fun like me in your own way ^^

1 comment:

  1. hihi..nina tak jadi pegi genting..kena keja pulak..ingatkan haritu dah berenti..tu ingat nak jalan2..:P



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