Tuesday, March 15, 2011

..Tixs SS3 MALAYSIA...

rase cam kaunter tix plak
total of 17 tixs ...minus 3..
3 more days, and they gonna breath the same air and pijak the same land with us again
my 2nd time for SS3..
and my 3rd for Super Show
peh, i spent too much on them
hardcore much eh?

td g amek 6 more tixs
and kat masjid jamek, die 1 gurl and 1 boy berhentikn ak and ask for sign
lyn je la
and upenye dorg minta jasa baik tuk support handmade project dorg
unfortunately, ade rm10 je time tuh
so juz bg dorg ma exclusive signature
barang die cam pen with handmade design..nice...
but rm30 kinda expensive

ini xde kaitan ngan barang but motip?
the girl asked me whether im half chinese
yah, cam tetaw je die ak suke tgk chinese 
compared her hand with mine
mine lg puteh..OMG...*and i tot ak da gelap
serius, u xde chinese blood?
ur family?
u noe any chinese words?
u so puteh and bla bla bla
then asked for ma age
OMG, seriously? 88?
we're d same
ppl tot her umo 30an
and die sgtla xpercaye
nk tgk ic (jokingly asked for it)
and then...dis is so funny
ade bf?
no? then u couple with him la
can ajak masuk islam, i gurau je (don wori girl, im not offended, coz nih negara bebas agama)
and then asked samada ak pnh ade chinese guy
ak sgtla 1 malaysia
india, chinese, malay, kadazan
then tanye lg 
npe x cari bf chinese lg?
if ders one, of coz i want la :(

*erk, im 24 actually but since birthday dec last year, rse cam baru je

motip entry nih?
just because~~

release tensen


  1. wah, jeles nye x dpt pegi.. T_T

  2. gosh..jealous much..quite front row u got^^

  3. Nina. aku sgt suke cerita ko nih. hahahaha.. kalo aku, aku dah sambar dah mamat china tuh. hahaha..ko mmg puteh nina (:

  4. farra: x g ke? why? forum cari beria gigih nk maen pompom

    imah:i gave the rowQ L13 L14 to ma frens, and i amek L5 sbb gigih nk dptkn port terbaik for EunTeuk ;p

    dayah: haha...lawaks kot tnye asal ak xcari bf cina lg? nk taw ape ak jwb? cina xmo i dah *gulink2 beramai2

  5. nak pegiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii T_T

  6. apekah??
    ko pnah ade bf cina ke?? serius? biler??

  7. dayah. perlu ke ak nk crite kt cni?
    bek ko tnye ak kat fb lor~~~

  8. ommo!!
    ko pnh kapel ngn kadazan ke??
    wuuuuu...~ ceciter2..keh2

  9. wah,,nina yang hot stuff..sampai ke tioman pon ade org ngorat ko kan..hihi

  10. anak wak mail: ish, ko nih..diungkit plak bnde tuh..haha

    atik:nk tgk gmbr? haha...zmn mude maa..



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