Saturday, March 26, 2011

...One Day...

kpopper slalu cakap 'i'm damn broke'
yeah, me too
but when ders news bout your idols will be in town, ders always money in our hands
miraculously there

ble tgk my bank account,
so tension
i know im supposed to berjimat for future (marriage uh)
but the lust for kpop is so superior
da lame xblanje on shoes, clothes using ma money
i'll give ma self another 2-3 years
then maybe im done

but BIG NO till i stand in front of SuKiRa ma self

why am i so addicted to anything related to Korea?
all the money that i've spent

this guy, 
why am i so in love with him?
im just a fan
but gahh

“Leeteuk for SINGLES magazine

LT: I’ll get married exactly between the ages of 35-37
 i'll be 30 by then, not too old for you right? *ok, im crazy

Q:What are your interests these days? A:5Jib.It seems to come out this year.
yeah, money again *will do my magic later
Q:Where is the place to give you comfort of mind? A:My room and in the car.
LT:Cuz all members are in China now,there are only Heechul and I in dorm.
LT: We have moved into a spacious dorm recently and Heechul’s room and my room are at the end of each side.”

(credits: || shared by SGSJELFs&supershowsg)

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