Friday, March 11, 2011

...Bulan Ini Bulan Stress...

samada dis week hormon tgh high and musim merah nk dtg
or ak mmg xde mood

im not really laughing now
variety shows byk tunjuk dis caption
so ak pn rse cam nk tempek je bnde nih atas dahi

stress gile
but not really sure stress sal ape
need someone
but dont really wanna find company
nk bercerita
but dont really wanna find someone to hear me

right now
a boyfriend or best friend really is needed
but it's been a long time since ak pnh classifiedkn someone as besh fren
cukup2 la bnde zaman skola dlu
rapat ngan dis fren, dis other fren terase, and then the akwardness dtg
tried so hard to get each other attention
so better be good friend with everyone
and find a best friend in the future

and conclusion
ak tension


  1. what's wrong?
    feel free to talk 2 me if u want to.

  2. xtaw sbb biar je la
    abih muka naek jerawat :(



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