Tuesday, April 5, 2011

...Free Concert...Wonder Girls, Se7en and Rain in Malaysia Soon...

cemane nk rest from kpop if album baru sentiasa keluar and kpop artist always come to Malaysia?
my withdrawal syndrome from suju and SS3 still ade but..
April, 3 huge names from hallyu wave coming to town
crazy babe crazy
no excuse okay
cannot miss la
Wonder Girls

and all free babes

ok, not for Rain...but i can still stalk
if i'm lucky
so yeah, free babe to see Rain

and Se7en, i hope i dont have anything to do on 30th april
coz i'm sooooooo gonna buy his album on that itself just for handshake with him
gonna bring my polaroid as well
who knows
maybe i still have ma luck

wonder girls
not really my reason for this coming free concert this friday
but hell yeah
i do wanna see them

my freaking reason is HOOBASTANK
and again, FREE!!

1 comment:

  1. u make me cry... waaaaaaaaaaaaa..
    nak jumpe abg RAIN..



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