Monday, November 8, 2010

...BEAST now with Lights Go On Again....

gah, i forgot my password
haha, sude lme tinggalkn blogger smpi lupe

latest craving for November -----> BEAST
so genius decided to separate the full abum into two
now, im pokai but still kne beli album ^^

i noe them right when they debuted
bumped into shu-i and Beast
i juz remembered, i was all over AJ and Junhyung (i think...seriously shockin for me, haha)
now after da knal im so in love with Hyunseung
but seriously, love all of them

First Mastermind
and dude, I love all the songs
especially the Ballad, 'Clenching My Fist', menusuk to my heart
Mastermind and Soom (click to listen) took my breath away
VIU, rse cam dorg nyanyi for us B2UTIES
Break Down is 'No, our love is not over'

Now, Lights Go On Again
more ballad and acoustic feelin
lil different but damn, so nice
BEAST influence' to me now is as strong as SuJu
duet kuar without thinkin

MV teaser for Lights Go On Again

and Audio Teaser for Beautiful

and all B2UTIES are lookin forward for 'I Like You The Best'
'Lightless' is said to be as cool as Breath
and lastly 'I'm Sorry', a cool ballad for sure

then come December, 1st ever Concert

lets wait for the airline to fly to Malaysia

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