Tuesday, October 12, 2010


ders so many ppl from Europe and USA visited this blog lookin for KARA
u guys like KARA huh?
okay, let me give a lil update bout them

Rumor: KARA’s comeback in Korea (supposedly SEPTEMBER, but now delayed to October due to Seungyeon's fractured tailbone, but lets wait for DSP entertainment to confirm bout it)

KARA debuted in Japan last August with Mister and will release their second single ‘Jumping’ in Japan on 10 November.
Audio preview during their radio interview (cr: KamiliaTV2)

my fav Goo Hara and Nicole lookin smoking hot

(cr: withkara twitter)

Nicole celebrated her birthday on 7th October and lovely members and staffs thrown a party for her while shooting for MV

pic from Nicole's twitter

in case u don't know, they have their own online shopping mall

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