Thursday, December 2, 2010

...Vids from Song Il Kook Fanmeet in Malaysia...

already shared my fanacct with him
this time, vids and more pics

Before press conference started

this vid, i converted first
but it turned out badly
so will try to upload later on YT without converting
and ders another 2 vids...1 when i hugged him
maybe will upload too

again, he is very nice
he took care of his fans
not just gave autograph, but talked to us nicely
and still put that smiling face eventhou he signed for more than an hour non stop

hey you, do i look handsome like this?


  1. Thanks LuV AnGEl for the vids. Yes, that sounds exactly like our SIK nim. He's such a gentleman and a wonderful actor who appreciates his fans.

  2. truly thank you so much Luv angel..He is indeed a true man and very hardworking 1hour auto signing is not easy but he manage to accommodate to all the fans who wish to met him...Kodus to all SIKers



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