Saturday, April 24, 2010

Best pic ever~

...Donghae-oppa, ommo, i love i love Teukie, but i love you coz u posted this pic....

....I have a feeling dat Teukie and Hyukie wud be d last one to open their twitter acct...
....minus Kibum and Hangeng (xrse dorg akn wat)...
.....Eunteuk, take your time...coz dats means i'm not goin to 'crazy state' anytime sooner...
....Sungmin almost 'wat ak jd crazy' but not crazy enough, ;p...

p/s: Klu dlu mse kecik my mum mst ckp, jgn tampal, nnt Malaikat xmasuk...keke
seb bek die xmsk my room anymore~


  1. ninaaaaaaaaaaa,,dat black and white poster. sora nk jugak!! wuwuwu~

    hem, mak ak pn ad ckp. tp bearla. tp skunk mcm dh xpe dah je.

  2. donghae bejaye pengaruh HC join twitter.
    HC say, "that (referring to DH) persistent kid. he sat on the floor and explaining me about the twitter eagerly. (lbh kurang mcm 2la)-->tah2x ko dh bce pon. haha..
    cute gila si ikan ni. geram>,<

    eh, drawer ko sme mcm adek ak puny. (itupn nk ckp). huhu..


  3. mstla da bce ;p...heechul funny, tp bkn my man, haha
    drawer ituh adeq ak pnye (sume adeq ade drawer tuh kot,hahaha)

    black n white? dat lompat2 poster?

  4. ak nk beli lg 4....nk penuhkn dinding...bole plak aritu pndg donghae sblh mate je, skang da nyesal, hahaha



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