Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bonamana (Milna)

...yesterday my team lost the title...
...but i have moved on....

this is much important to me
i will go to Korea
that's a PROMISE!!!

Bonamana (Milnah)
'Has it been only 1 hour since their title song "BONAMANA" for their 4th album has been released? Yes, Yes it is!

After it's released, it has been one of the most searched in Naver and Nate, became the second trending topic worldwide in twitter and the most replayed song in 1 hour'
p/s: it's been the top trend before that...SuJu trend nvr failed to get to the top 

Sorry Sorry + Ring Ding Dong + Bollywood?'s SuJu!!!
My SuJu!!
lots of my money da abih kt SuJu
i'll still buy it~

listen to 미인아 (Bonamana) here soribada for it to count at Music Bank
listen 'GIRL', joahaye~ saranghae~ listening 

...really really love it... my style...
...lets conquer the world...

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