Sunday, January 16, 2011

...2011 already...

mak aih,
lama gile x bloggin

tp seriously, January 2011 plg busy
hmm...mid dec till now
mcm2 hal...
holiday new year...
cd kpop yg every week order...
kpop party yg bwu je lepas

peh, for the 1st time, tebalkn muka minta reporter bwk masuk
hidup kena berani, or nyesal xsudah..

nway, mesti lame gile iklan nuffnang xberjalan kt blog nih
haha, wait ah nuffnang
i'm goin to bloggin smule
SS3 Singapore is coming soon

then SS3 Malaysia~
smpi bile nak jd kpoppers nih ^^

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