Wednesday, January 19, 2011

...cuti watpe...

...spt tajuk di atas..
ape ak wat
membalut cd n poster tuk dipos
nk membalut Homin nye cd2 punyela byk bubble wrap abih
xblk modal, profit tngl bpe je :(

da nk abih da january 2011
yah, busy gile smpi xpasan
every week with cds, then kpop party, then tv show, then fanmeet, then badminton
and next week SS3 Singapore woyehhhhh~~

p.s: waiting for Utusan, hopin my pic xnmpk buwuk~
      waiting for Astro, hope my pic with Jang Hyuk pn nmpk ok
      waiting for Astro, hope i look good kat TV

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