Tuesday, January 18, 2011

...FA for Jang Hyuk's fanmeet in Malaysia...

...Jang Hyuk!!!...

he's so handsome in real life..
100000x better than in TV
why he chose to come to Malaysia, i dunno but sgt2 happy coz die ngah busy shooting actually

okay, mari crite...
when i first heard bout the form for Astro Byond customers to meet Jang Hyuk,
da excited gle...it was wednesday..
but then konpius2 so i talked to myself 'thursday' la isi..
then thursday suddenly went to Press Conference for Kpop Party (with BEAST, G.Na and 4MINUTE)
then my friend sold tix for Kpop Party at half price...so tergoda, so g join the party..
then friday went to Astro Hitz Recording (yeah, lucky me was selected to win the passes)
blk umah, energy went to -10% so still xisi form for Jang Hyuk
Saturday blk kg, ptg blk...pnat...akhirnye from Thursday ----> Saturday night bwu isi


9.15pm...my fren told me die leh bawak masuk PC for Jang Hyuk
aahh, thank you God~~~ 
tup tup 9.21pm, my mum ckp 'de org call' (i gave Astro my mum nye no)
Hi, 'i'm calling from Astro Life'...i jumped, nak jerit but managed to control myself.
after hang up, bg blk phone kat my mum smbil jumping jumping jumping now

arrived at Ritz Carlton hotel
quite late...isi form mcm nk isi solan exam..lme gile memikirkn how to improve Astro Life
then org tuh bg lucky draw no
then jmpe my friends from Carians
yeah, we Carians are everywhere
then Astro Life suh all of us said somethin to Jang Hyuk (hopefully i look okay on TV later,lol)

blah blah blah...
started, with preview of his drama, during shooting...during 1 part well this one 
of course we screamed!! rofl~
then lets these vids tell it all

Serena called my name, last one... 
for the first time, ak ske gile word 'LAST'
i accidently clicked butang stop..
so my friend record nothin, aish...
sgt terkedu..salam his hand, took the sign autograph, stood beside him for picture..
when most ppl stood for just a sec, i stood there for mins...i was totally blanked, seriously...
all i know his right hand was on me, and somehow cam my body was tertolak ke arah die
then we stood there...and diri lg...and lg..i don't remember cemane bole bergerak after that
well, i wasn't like this during Song Il Kook, 
xsegan silu minta nk hug, but this time, i was clueless..
so what did just happen?
after that photo group with all 9 lucky fans

 the rest, go snapped yourself from vids
no watermark :)
thank you very much
i used to think my luck da lme ilang since ages
but i guess not ^^


  1. thanks for sharing... just cari2 berita pasal jang hyuk dtg msia ni mana tau dh ada yg post then jumpa ur blog.. excited gak dpt tgk video tu coz i slh seorg dr 10 lucky fan tu..hehehe.. lg lucky me coz dpt berdiri sblh dia masa bergambar tu...hehehe

  2. oh yeah?
    jom tngu muke kite masuk tv~

  3. biler ler tu yer & dlm rancangan apa lak.....tak sabo nak tgk muka sndri...hahaha
    mintak izin share pic jang hyuk yer...tq

  4. Hey I know this is quite long ago, I was also one of the winners that got on stage to take pic and autograph from Jang hyuk, do u know where can we see our group picture?? Haha masih Tak nampak nampak ><



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