Wednesday, February 10, 2010

‘Introducing Star’s Friends’ - with LeeTeuk and Eunhyuk-


Both thumbs up for dis show... very exciting and full of sweet moments...idols from SuJu, 2PM and 2AM ...old-aged actor (haha)...and scary model...

(don't read all my reviews at the same time....pls go day by day and watch them first b4 go to the next week review, I don't wanna spoil the excitement)

The arrival of ISF'S stars with hot performance from the Idols performance from the Beauties...
See the video where stars introduce their star' friends
The appearance of cute ??? Dolly~
Pervert Kyuhan (rofl) but love his abs
Poor Eunhyuk....but we ELF still love u!!!
p/s: saranghaeyo EeTeuk oppa~
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First formation of couple(s)
Cheap dance by Su2Boom
New idol face (he's so cute!!! and lead to love triangle???) and a new beauty
Funny faces and hairstyles of SuJu and cursed-day of Eunhyuk??
Another cute custume-performance by LeeTeuk
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Craziness 3-line poem by Eunhyuk (laf so hard!)
New beauty which lead to love fight
Meal date (Nickhun, wth wif the plain ???...aiyoo~)
Love confessions again
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Comeback of ???? with sexy hot dance and new Beauty (dat i hate so much)
Appearance of another new custome by Angel oppa~
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The comeback of Jaebum, just to be ???? again ...
And betrayal of ??? idol(s) :( (myself also heartbroken)...
And a crazy new face!
p/s: hate LeeTeuk here, but still cudn't resist to love him again~
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Eunhyuk's dance party (so sexy)~
Comeback of ???? to brighten my 'Anchovy' ...(loike~) so damn happy for Eunhyukki
The love btwn of ???? (new face) and ????
The one and only 'Pervert-wild-eyed' Kyuhun, lol....
'Village Idiotic Brother' and his sexy education, lol (credit to LeeTeuk oppa)
p/s: Hate oppa again when he chose Ran ( but love him back after the game,hehe)
and happy+sad for ?????'s leaving (she didn't deserve to stay juz to be be hurt again)
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Poor Kyuhan-ssi (his attitude is sexy for me though)...
New faces (another pabo brother??)....
Best ever dance by bread-man LeeTeuk (so cute~)
Almost felt in love wif sweet-hearted Seulong ;)
p/s: although they parted, i honestly think dat LeeTeuk was more interested in Eunhye (just look at him whenever Eunhye in action)
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playlists-credits to 3sjsubs09(and the team)
Hope u guys will enjoy watchin' the shows...if u like Yesung and Kangin, search for them too under '090502 1ntroduc1ng 5tar's Fr1ends'
The show was cancelled over there....the last one wud be the 15August (not subbed yet, so let's wait wif hope)

Luv, Teukie (saranghae~)


  1. owh. bru ak tawu ISF 2 ape. tp unfortunately xblh tgk lngsung link2x ko 2 T_T
    kne tngu akk ak blk pnjm lptop die. sadis~


  2. npe xle tgk? bpk ko xbg buka youtube kt ctu ek?



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