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It's been a while since last tgk korean drama, but today my eyes suddenly got caught on 'Dalja's Spring'...kinda same wif 'YooHee The Witch'...plakon laki die xnsem sgt but okla....cte die besh, so spe minat koreannye drama bole la g cri cte nih...


Entri kali nih bkn nk cte sal cte 'Dalja' nih, but nk smbg sal SS501
Yg ni mamat2 die bergelar oppa(s)...
So im gonna put pic of every1 yg bjye capture my heart with their songs (wee)~

SS501 (pronounced as Double-S 501)
double-s stands for super star, i think (correct me if im wrong,ok?)
number 5,0 and 1 means `five members united as one forever'

1st single yg meng'debut'kn SS501 kt Korea was 'Warning'(2005)...
Then in 2006, lgu 'Snow Prince memperkenalkn dorg internationally (thou i personally rse intro Snow Prince ngan Happiness from SuJu sounds kinda same)

wanna noe bout their 2006-2007, anda crilah sendiri ek....too many to write~

In 2008, 2 mini albums were released (Find and U R Man)....
Those who love Korean drama shud noe bout die one, Boys Over Flowers...
Kim Hyunjoong plays Yoon Ji Hoo .He was the only 'flower boy' yg dipilih without perlu audition....
Cte ni tahun 2008 but 8tv br je siarkn br2 nih

Then in 2009, they released another mini album (Collection), Rebirth (supposedly nk kuarkn mse 2008 but bcoz of Jungmin ngan HyunJoong so damn bz,they postponed it) and All My Love (Japanese)...

All members were born either in 1986 or 1987...Maknae is Kim Hyungjun (my fav)
Nickname: dinosaur,rabbit,Baby
Birthday : August 3, 1987

Leader: Kim Hyunjoong
(not my fav,lol, the leader owez be my fav except for dis one)
Nickname: dog,cow,Gae
Birthday: Jun 6, 1986

Heo Youngsaeng 
love his voice
Nickname : Otter,Shy Prince
Birthday: October 3, 1986

Kim Kyujong
Nickname: Center,Gorilla
Birthdate: Feb 24, 1987

Park Jungmin
Nickname: Horse,Mal
Birhday: April 3, 1987

SS501’s official colour is GREEN
 Mesia nye Triple-s kat cni ye

Dats it from entree wud be Kara/2PM

Luv, Teukie


  1. saya suka juga! ada satu lagu yg Kim Hyungjun duet dgn A'St1, tajuk favourite( bukan lagu SS501 pun) tapi best juga =)

  2. eh...xtaw pn...haha...tq2 bgtaw...t cri youtube

  3. huhu ss501...i like! nape leader dia bkn hyunjoong lagi ek?

  4. chop, ko pn knl bellarossa?




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