Monday, February 22, 2010

Super Junior~

I noe i've said b4 dat entri for Suju wud be on march but i cudn't wait anymore..Hohohoho

i love them all...they all are too charming for me...sooo sweet...sooo cute....sooo adorable....sooo everything~
i first noe bout them in 2008 from MTV Asia Award...i was stunned as they were so energetic that day....
back then, the only group(s) i noe (other than those from US and Indonesia) was Fahrenheit (bcoz of Wu Chun)........ and SuJu (but unfortunately, cudn't remembered all 13 of them,lol)...
i searched for 'SUPER JUNIOR' on the internet and saw many posts about them (but im not crazy enof bout suju to read everythin back then)...

now, thanks to their 'SORRY SORRY' comeback,
i noe all their names....heard all their songs...saw all their shows (i was busy everyday on the internet, lol)....and noe almost everything about them
I came across to these videos (links below)...
and to see they talked about each other, i melt right away~

i may only be a so-so fan (for d 1st year i noe them) but
im no longer see myself as a fan but a TRUE ELF..

So, dis is my 1st entri for SuJu...there are 13 of them (15 including Zhou Mi and Henry), so u might have problem to recognize them all...but once u noe them, u gonna fall for them too...

Forever in Love
Each and every tears from you just make me love u guys more~

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