Friday, March 5, 2010

[Cyworld] Updates

Eeteuk's Cyworld
.I will always treasure it..
.I’m happy…
*can also be “gratitude”
source :박정수의 미니홈피
translated by superlover♫

oppa, your happiness is my everything~

100303 Hongki Cyworld Update

Mm kekeke hi?
It’s been a while since I wrote kekeke
Right now, we’re in Taiwan keke we’re getting ready to go back to Korea
A lot of people knew it was my birthday yesterday…(even Heechul hyung)
My lunar birthday is February 6th kekeke
Every year my birthday changes kekeke
That is why this year my birthday is March 21st kekeke

Credits: Hongki’s @soompi (translation)

and then on Heechul's Cyworld....
Hongki:lead vocalist of “F.T Island”。the first to praise Heenim,Heenim promotional ambassador。
due to me he also became a weird person,yet he will send out his love continously.
when he is overseas,back in korea,up on stage,when he out to play and more…
no matter when he will still report the ㆀ “Don’t Don” time..
although i call out to him to see him but he will run to me, one hand with spoon filled with rice and say
“ah,hyung must have call me to beat me ” (-┏)
the love that I got from Hongki through “JoAhSeo”
aishi..because hongki’s birthday, i search for photos online and photo-shop it with our names
everytime I photoshop, will think of the efforts put in by the professional photoshop experts, the petals. ******
come to think of it, what should be call this one-time gathering
Hongki time party(because of Hongki birthday, the time that everyone party)
Hongki correct path(Hongki ah,you have to walk in the proper way)
Hongki your ki(Hongki ah,this is your birthday. kikiki)
Birthday:21st March (as it is according to the lunar calendar, every year it changes)
Things to bring:digital camera (to take those good pictures have to make-up, so just digital camera is enough)
Translated from chinese by:
Edited/corrected by:
both hongki and heechul are so sweet~


  1. ho ho..smakin active berblog nmpak :)

  2. aha xsuka sangat rambut heechul sekarang..nak potong rambut dia!!

  3. cik aijat, ak reti kpop je plak...ak xreti la nk aktif cam ko, byk2 bnde...ko senpai ak~

  4. heechul yg xmakan saman.




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