Monday, March 8, 2010

Main Attraction for Dalja's Spring

Suke die...n lucky me die 2 thn tue...yay~
p/s: it'd be weird to fall for him if he's younger than me,right? :p

Lee Minki (Yi Mingi)
i wanna call him oppa too (blushing ;p)...miane Teukie-oppa, but i love you more (Saranghae~)
16 Jan 1985, that day, a family was blessed with a sweet adorable charming lovely baby (yeah, it's you oppa~)....

myb bg org laen die xhandsome mne but he's too sweet for me (thanks to pengarah yg bg die watak camtu)...die blakon lam Dalja's Spring ngan Chae rim (die ni plak blakon ngan Siwon-ssi lam Oh My Lady)

“You’re beautiful when you’re smiling and frowning.
You’re beautiful when you’re shame-making and shy.
You’re beautiful when you’re childish.
You’re beautiful now.”
 (the look on your face when u said it...awww)

Bkn sje blakon but die modelling pn bole,menyanyi pn bole...and maen instruments (drooling~)
career die stat thn 2004 ngan modelling then blakon....then 2009 die stat wat EP and  bwu je adekn 1st concert 29 Jan 2010...

Die pn blakon lam Tidal Wave (tp time tuh xpasan die plak coz cte tuh cam heavy, so ak tgk pn abih,haha)...and Rainbow Romance (ngan Heechul n Kibum)

Byk kali gak tercalon as 'Nominee for Drama Award' dr thn 2004 hingga 2009 and awards yg die mng adlh '2005 MBC Drama Awards: Best New Actor' ngan '2009 Style Icon Awards: New Movie Icon'... 

 Ye,pendek je kali nih entri sbb entri2 sblm nih da byk sgt gmbr (tkt org mare plak klu yg nih pn byk gmbr,haha)...

So,selamat mengenali dis actor.... 

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